Soldier to Officer

How would you go about becoming an officer from the bottom? What would you have to do to prove yourself? I have already read its possible from the army jobs website shown below.

Can soldiers ever become officers?
Many young soldiers are spotted by their commanding officer as having good leadership potential, and they are then sent to Sandhurst to train as officers. Other soldiers move right up through the ranks during their Army career and can be selected for what is called a ‘late entry commission’. These soldiers, who tend to be very experienced, complete a four-week course at Sandhurst and are then promoted to the officer rank of Captain.

Is anyone aware of this actually happening? A soldier really proving themselves while in training. How would you show leadership skills?
Thanks for reading.
A few times, a couple of lance jacks are in the process currently, previously had a new troopy turn up, last time anyone had seen him he had been a full screw, also seen 2 WO1s come back as AOs. Also a sgt from RHQ has just finished at Sandhurst.

Seems quite common to be honest.
Dragstrip joined in 88, did 5 or 6 years as a Driver/Pte in the RCT/RLC before attending RCB and subsequently commissioning in 1995. Note that somewhat contrary to the advice above, a talented OR does not have to wait in hope to be 'spotted' by his or her CO. Any individual can potentially put themselves forward for scrutiny by the RCB. However, I believe that you do need at least the 'blessing' of your CO, so its best not to piss him/her off in the process. Indeed, any candidate worthy of commissioning should find not upsetting the chain of command a relatively straightforward feat.
The Education Corps used to 'spot' potential during the old Army Promotion Examination.
I joined as a junior soldier in 1962 and told that I had been marked as "officer potential" by the recruiters. Did 6 years with the 2nd Royal Anglians and was twice asked if I wanted to be considered. (I was having far too much fun, so said no).

Went out, joined the TA and was commissioned, transferred to the Regular Army in 1985. with a drop in rank, and a change from a TA commission to a Special Regular Commission, did 10 years and made Major, made redundant, back in as a mobilised reservist for a year, then FTRS for a further 8years before finally hanging up the boots five years ago.

Believe it or not the whole of that was done within the existing commissioning rules, so it proves the system is flexible. I understand about 30% of R. Signals officers come up through the ranks.

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