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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by harietcress, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. I am new to this site and was hoping for a bit of advice.
    I have been interested in the army for a few years now, especially the royal engineers.
    I have always been interested in troop commander but recently became interested in becoming a soldier.

    How easy is it to go from soldier to officer and how would you do this?

    Would it be better to become an officer or soldier(in your opinion)?

    Do you gain qualifications at afc similar to a levels that would help outside the army?

    Thank you for your time.

  2. it's certaintly possible. i know 2 of the guys i was in training went on to become officers within their first year or so. they passd out then their company commanders saw their educational backround and put them forward for officer selection which they passed.

    whether its better to be an officer or just a bod, it all depends on ur own perspective. are u the type of person who is gonna relish being in command or would u rather start at the bottom and work ur way up? dunno bout the qualifaction bit tho id assume officer qual's are probably worth more than our's. hope that helped a bit.
  3. If you have the quals to go for a commission then go for it. Why fcuk about becoming a soldier first? I'm sure an officer will give you better advice soon. I'm just a stupid grunt.
  4. I'm sure you eed something like 160 ucas points to be able to become an officer.

    These are gained through qualifications such as A Levels, National Diplmas etc etc...
  5. I have a National Diploma, but I've gone for soldier, I'd rather work my way up. Going royal engineers as well.

    I'm sure i'll find out if I can make a good officer if I'm a good soldier, thats my view anyway
  6. In my view good officers are born not made. Though you can turn a mediocre officer into a good one I suppose. I'll shut up now.
  7. I was in the same boat a few years ago, and i dont think the quals you get at afc are quite the same value as a-levels. however depending on what job/trade you do in the engineers, many will mean you get quals whilst training for your trade. otherwise you can always get some quals once your in your unit, there is lots of info about people getting degree's and that in the education wing.

    about the officer/soldier thing it depends whether or not you want to be commanding people or actually doing the stuff. I could go for officer but felt i wanted to go via the more hands on approach and work my way up the ranks etc

    either way good luck SS
  8. I am joining the army and i am going for the officer i already applyed for the scholarship and soon be doing it. I recon that qualifications that you recieve will be higher in some areas if you were an officer, but i doubt an officer will want to be a mechanic as much, but the prime role of an officer is to lead the troops and be responsible for them, if you thinking of which th choose, then you souldnt consentrate on qualifications, but rather on the responsibilities and oportuneties, and they are higher if you are an officer
  9. Save yourself the time and don't bother.

    What the f'ck is going on with your spelling, grammar and punctuation?
  10. Firstly you need to see if you fit the bill to be an Officer. See here:

    If you can tick all them boxes (right qualification, fitness etc) then you can move forward. Otherwise, see which ones you are not ready with, then spend time overcoming it (e.g. improving fitness). Apply for an Officer Briefing and see if your still interested. Furthermore, read up on the British Army website and around ARRSE on what is expected of an Officer and maybe also the differences of Officers and Soldiers (e.g. what is expected in the different roles).

    Good Luck
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

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  12. Some people just like shooting people down
  13. Mate if its what u wana do then do it.

    If you have done the revision and spent the time doing ur pt ect then you should have good chance if u have the qualities!!
  14. Hariet, check PM's