Soldier to Officer...Via Two Failures at Westbury

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Cockneyrebel, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Ladies, Gents,
    The title of the thread pretty much sums it up. Two tries at Westbury, guess how those turned out. First was a fair cop, second was so painfully close. So now I've passed soldier selection and been given a date for starties. Aside from LE, is there a different system for getting another shot at Officer selection from the ranks? Not that I'll be unhappy as a soldier, or even that I'm using it as a means to an end, but I want to be an Officer and the recruiters, including the major who gave the closing interview at soldier selection, said to be honest they didn't know what I was doing not at RMAS. I mention this only to prevent the what makes you think you're good enough responses.
    Looking forward to responses, thanks to all who read the question.
  2. Join as a soldier, but don't get too above yourself with the above.

    Listen, learn, and develop (Adv Trg for example, leadership skills courses).

    Possibly mature and become a better all round bloke.

    Bad news... The procedure for soldier to officer is the same as civvie to officer. You will go through the same AOSB. If anything, it is a little harder to become an officer from soldier. But it's how you get up again, not how you fall.
  3. Couple of years in the ranks may give you the skills and experience you need to become an officer, but no-one likes a braggart and if you constantly say how 'you're just a soldier until you can get to Sandhurst', you won't get anywhere.
  4. Thanks chocolate_frog, I don't mind doing Westbury again I'm just keen to know that you get another pop. Not that I'm a dead cert, or even not a douche, but maybe in a few years, with courses as you say, and a tour or two I'd like to go back. Failing that I'm looking forward to being a tom.
  5. Good advice Innit_Bruv, I'd been thinking along similar lines. Guaranteed a sh!t time otherwise.
  6. tba


    I wouldn't quote me but I was under the impression that you were only allowed two attempts at main board.
    So if you have failed twice as a civvie you will not be allowed another chance as a soldier.
    Sorry to dampen the mood, just trying to be realistic. Though I could be talking nonsense.......
  7. CR,

    If you have already failed AOSB twice, it is highly unlikely that you will get another chance. The failure rate is fairly consistent. AOSB is specifically designed to weed out individuals who do not possess the necessary attributes or potential to become Officers. If you join thinking that this is what you are going to do, you will only be disappointed and become disillusioned. My advice would be to seriously consider your options. Soldiers, and in particular NCOs, are the backbone of the British Army. In addition, Command and Leadership is devolved down to the lowest levels. There is no shame in Non-commissioned service. The Army could not function without it. If you still want to join, then do so. However, try to be the very best soldier you can be and make the most of the opportunity.
  8. I was under the same impression, though I may be wrong too!
  9. Yeah, way to rain on my parade... No, I'm joking, thanks for the responses there all of you, I'm sure I'll be happy as a soldier I'm certainly looking forward to it. I just wanted to know where I stood with AOSB. Thanks again for your help, I appreciate the honest opinions.
  10. To be honest, if you were "just short" of the required standard, there is a chance you might do very well as an NCO. A rapid progression through the NCO ranks will probably be far more satisfying than a mediochre career as an officer, ending up as a passed over Major having only ever held a grand total of 4 different ranks. Set your sights on RSM (or ASM etc) and enjoy the ride!
  11. Cheers Blokeonabike, I'm going to go there and enjoy it. I'll stroll up to the first RSM I see and demand his rank slide. You'll see it in the news this summer ''Army Recruit Strangled To Death On Parade With His Own Pubic Hair''
  12. One rank at a time young Jedi!
  13. There's always the RAF Officer career route! Or, AIB with the Navy for that matter...though they tend to look for the same attributes as AOSB.

    My own harsh opinion is if you are joining as a soldier solely to get to RMAS, don't join. If you're joining to be a soldier because you want to be a soldier, then good luck.
  14. If you are destined for the soldier option, choose your trade carefully. Choose a high-grade role with plenty of scope for promotion. Int Corps is a good start.

    There's millions of threads on ARRSE about this type of career choice.
  15. You would be surprised at the number of non-commissioned Royal Marines who are graduates. Were you to fail AIB and POC at Lympstone then you could feel arguably more settled in the Marine ranks.

    Away to the recruiting office with you and find out.