Soldier to blog from Afghanistan for Guardian

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mintymcginty, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. When did Lachie learn to write? Good luck big lad, have a safe one mate.
  2. Interesting sign of the state of the infantry that out of an 8 man section, 2 are TA, one is on loan from the AAC and one is too young to deploy until mid-tour.

    And this is the section the MOD is showcasing!
  3. It's a video blog. My only question is what the fcuk is he saying?
  4. There are in fact, 20 AAC seconded to 5 SCOTS as infantry, It has been done before, a 12 man group were seconded for their Bosnia tour, i was one of them.

    There was doubt before R Anglian deployed, people slating them, in fact they were just as good as 3 PARA were out there. Don't judge before the end result.
  5. This looks good - nicely put together too. I shall be watching with interest over the next 6 months.
    Might set some of the Graun's readership reaching for their green ink....
  6. Blob,

    I think the point was how undermanned the Infantry are rather than a dig at the TA or the AAC. It is a good point.

    I'm assuming they haven't taken a helicopter with them?
  7. This is fantastic. Blogs are more opinionated and personal, so I hope this soldier writes as a soldier. It will be interesting to see how far outside their comfort zone the MoD will let him express himself.
  8. No, they are an infantry role. The AAC TO's and EO's are the same as infantry when conducting Cadres.
  9. Absolutely fantastic they're giving such attention to a line infantry section, especially one that's part of the battalion I'm hoping to join. Really looking forward to reading the blogs and watching the footage of a 5 SCOTS section on operation - usually mostly coverage of Paras / RM (no disrespect to the lads) in the media, very motivating to see line infantry getting stuck in aswell.

    Interesting to read AAC get seconded to them as well in an infantry capacity - thought they just made up the numbers purely from TA infantry e.g 6/7 SCOTS.

    5SCOTS have already been in theatre (as part of 16AA) for a month now though?
  10. cool, will check it out
  11. This is a very interesting project, which I'll be following closely. It's good to see the Guardian getting something like this together, I hope it goes a good way to making folks realise what's really going on.

    However, I wish they'd had subtitles for the vids. Don't these lads have to learn English before they join the British Army? :D :D :D

  12. Interesting development for the Guardian.

    I wonder if the Editors have woken up and smelt the shite wafting from thier rag lately and decided to do something about it by commissioning some informed opinions for once?
  13. The Sgt Maj in the Dispatches documentary on the OMLT in Afghanistan in 2006 was AAC. Also didn't it used to be fairly common for AAC subalterns to be attached to infantry or armoured units for a short time, in a similar way to Int Corps officers?
  14. What a wonderful idea, it will give civvies an insight like never before. I'll be following this avidly!