Soldier The Autobiography General Sir Mike Jackson ends 0802


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General Sir Mike jackson has kindly donated, this remarkable book, not only will it be signed but a personal dedication will be added for the winner of the auction. The General was my coy comd many moons ago, and was 100% a soldiers soldier. The reserve is £40 all proceeds to Hols4heroes postage will be covered. Auction Ends 080211 1600Hrs. So if you want a little bit of modern military history get bidding .
im opening the bids with £40

edited for mong date



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Cheers T Slag, this book will look great on anyone,s Military Bookshelf.
£110...I'm in.
£120 and a wink and a smile.
I'd quite like to read this so 130.
Thank you, Princess. :thumleft:
It's not for me, I can't read. I get poor people to read to me. Sometimes, I put my tiara and frock on and make them sing to me too.

Have you ever heard a peasant sing Puppy Love? It's not pretty, let me tell you.
T Slag knowing The Dark one, I reckon that will cost at least £150
PRT, T Slag must be a navy person or someone of equally unimportant stature, perhaps even RAF, perhaps even RAF Regiment, God forbid. 150 to prevent it falling into the hands of dress wearers or Marines ;o)
Sorry Ord Sgt, just a civvy cnut winding up the bids!

Good man. Or person, or thing, sorry the world has gone berko these days, either way, raising the bid is good :eek:)

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