Soldier thanks his helmet for lucky escape in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 14, 2011.

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  2. I thank my helmet most days.......

    edited to add:

    Just read the thing. Shock horror, another Booty. Is this another instance where Royal has bluffed his way into the press? Like the last chap that banged a couple of rounds into his own lid to make a story?
  3. The Booty says that the helmet saved his life....errrr no it didnt, if the bullet had hit it and bounced off, then yes, but it didnt. It missed him completely (by a knats chuff maybe) but still missed, he just managed to get his chin strap in the way.

  4. Being a commando does not make a pongo a Royal Marine.


    "Bombardier James Hallam, from 148 Battery, 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, has been in Afghanistan since April 2011 working with the Warthog Group and the Royal Marines of 42 Commando, but he recently joined the Brigade Reconnaissance Force (BRF)."

    Either way, he's still a lucky ******.