Soldier Takes Bullet to Save Afghan Child’s Life

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by UKForcesAfghanistan, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. The actions of a Devon soldier, who took a bullet himself to save the life of a small child, have shown the difference between British courage and Taliban evil.

    Lance Corporal Craig Murfitt, a rifleman and medic serving in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, demonstrated nerves of steel and the coolest of clear heads in a startling sequence of events, after being called to assist other soldiers during a recent patrol.

    Read the full story here
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Outstanding. Inspirational conduct. Pity the poor sod looks like Robson Jerome.
  3. The Afghans take this two ways. The good folk will see it as a smashing display of bravery, they tend to view the brassing up their kids dimmly.

    The bad folk will see it as a sign of weakness. Didn't the Rangers and Delta Force report 'civvie sangars' made up of non-combatants around snipers in Mogadishu?
  4. Well done him, I know his mum and dad and they are really proud of him
  5. Pure bravery. He's a hero in the real sense by absorbing a bullet for someone else. All tributes and rewards to him!
  6. Another soldier who has balls of steel.

    This is the sort of story that should be told in all schools.
  7. Acts & bravery like that give me hope of us winning the hearts and minds battle.

    Read this on bbc:

    BBC News - Devon soldier survives human shield shooting