Soldier stories site up and running

Under the title:
Non-Combatants, you've said:

"Currently looking for military nurses, engineers, logistics and any other military personnel who does not have a role in the combat field."

Controversial statement methinks......and your Military experience was....
Stinks of fish around here.
Would help if you could spell. I take it your a Cadet.
Good luck. With a site as poor as yours and a spell checker that doeesn't work, you're going to need it.
Looks a bit like that load of bollux set up by the Andy McNab fanclub "Battle scene" a few years ago, totally populated by children, cadets and perverts trying to groom them, sad as f@ck

Just why would any real ex squaddy need to tell his story on a non regimental/army/corps/association website,??? the only people that will are most likely to be Walts
I should join just so I can post stories which I'd lift from The Dirty Dozen or Bridge on the River Kwai.

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