Soldier Stabbed in Ayia Napa

From Sky news:
A British soldier has been stabbed to death during a fight with UK tourists in a Cyprus nightclub, police have said.

Cypriot police said four off-duty soldiers stationed on the island got involved in an altercation with three tourists in the early hours of Sunday morning.

One of the tourists then allegedly drew a switch blade knife and stabbed the teenage soldier, according to police spokesman Georgios Economou.

He said: "Today at around 3.30am while a group of British soldiers from Dhekelia garrison were enjoying themselves at a club in Ayia Napa they had a confrontation with three of their compatriots.

"During the confrontation one of the three drew what is believed to be a knife injuring the soldier in the chest."

He was pronounced dead on arrival at Famagusta General Hospital in nearby Paralimni.

Connie Pierce, a British military spokeswoman, said the incident took place in a part of Ayia Napa that is off limits to British soldiers because of past trouble there.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed a British soldier was killed following a fight on the island. The dead soldier has not been identified.

Britain retains two military bases on the island after the former colony gained independence in 1960, with around 9,000 troops stationed there.

Ayia Napa is a popular resort destination for young holidaymakers, especially British tourists attracted by the nightlife.
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Remember the Dead soldier has not been identified, so not even to his next of kin, be sensitive on this subject if anyone knows anything !
BBC News saying that NoK have been informed.

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