soldier,solier....the series!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by five-minute-fagbreak, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Sodier -Soldier staring:Robson Green and Jerome Fllynn . O.k.any one from the 70's (late) 80's -90's not think this is the bollo**s!
    and...were you not that man??
  2. ........ and we can watch it where? ......................
  3. Sodier Soldier or even Soldier solier they were almost as crap as Soldier, Soldier.
    About as accurate as 'Warship' or 'The Bill'.
  4. ok if you get off on taking the piss - fine by me, it was a question to the more experienced guys out there ...ok? 8O about a TV show...OK? 8O
  5. I'll copy and send you the series if you want...
  6. So I missed an 'L' ..feckin hero you r!
  7. It was complete and utter dog toffee, written by a f uckwit, and about as accurate a portrayal of army life as The magic roundabout.... where was the pointless violence, outrageous drinking, pointless violence, cross dressing, pointless violence, endemic drug taking and pointless violence?

    By admitting to watching this dross you have commited a crime against society and it'd be better for everyone if you just gave yourself a Bridgend dangle.
  8. For someone who has the 6 Ps in their sig block I thought you were taking the pish out of yourself, with your crap spelling of SOLDIER, 3 versions in your first post.
    I know what Soldier Soldier was and I'm 'Experienced', does Ex-Royal Marine count numpty?
    If you're going to get shirty I suggest you refrain from posting whilst pished or learn to turn the Spell Checker on.
    You're doing a great job, carry on.
  9. Must have been good asbach then, coz I had 12 years of a Dream!!
  10. And a 'D' feckwit.
  11. That'll be me then, I once experienced running my tongue up Jerome Flynn's musky buttcrack, before plunging it into his hairy man fanny.
    Should I upload the pictures?
  12. ok so you never came home and one finger typed something an go it wrong?...think i'm doing ok as it goes! and who says you have to be feckin sober to be on here as long as you are civil?
  13. Was Robson Green the 'Fluffer' for you too? :D
  14. cnut u are so brave hiding behind a computer, this was supposed to be light hearted and a couple of wa n kers f u cked it up.... well done...hope you enjoyed it boy's and make the most of it! :)
  15. Well that's extremely civil.
    My point is that you're professed admiration of a crap TV programme and your Signature Block statement 'Prior prep...etc etc' combined with your inability to spell Soldier on 3 occasions in your 1st post mark you down as a Pioneer or Catering Corps johnny.
    Get to bed now before you embarrass yourself.