soldier soldier

Can anyone remember where Soldier Soldier was filmed,I was in Germany at the time with the tankies.Just watching it again on TV and remembering what it was like before phase 1,2,3 redundencies cut my corp to pieces.


Tidworth I think? Some of the blocks looked very familiar.

Wasn't 'Soldier, Soldier' where the MoD got the titles for the newly amalgamated Bns....The Mercian, etc? (I'm sure that there was an episode where the 'Fusiliers' had a barney down the Stadt with The Mercians).
One bit was filmed in St Omer Bks, Aldershot, while I was there. Never saw that episode though to confirm which areas they filmed in.
Chunks were certainly filmed in Whittington Barracks Lichfield; you can see the pillars on the square.


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A large part of one series was filmed at Keogh Bks, Ash Vale, near Aldershot. Home of the RAMC

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