Soldier, Soldier


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Soldier soldier was watchable, but don’t think it would work today.
If they called it "Soldier racist rapist" the Beeb would air it immediately.
Some of this shit was filmed in Sutton Coldfield and I believe Lichfield. I recall from one of the "extra's" who was a regular MT Driver there was a scene in an early episode where a TCV has its windscreen smashed. Rather than use a brick, explosives were used to get the desired effect of destroying the windscreen in a oner.
Some of it was indeed filmed at Lichfield. The recruits were used as unpaid extras, mostly in background shots marching about and on the range.

IIRC the troops doing the salute in the opening intro were from one of the recruit Plts.

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Don’t think it’s been repeated yet on Drama but on Soldier soldier doesn’t the scouse bloke get sent down for punching another squaddie in a pub who later dies? Seem to think it was a fight with a Para if my memory serves me right. Ended with him
being nicked by civie plod I seem to recall.
So the King's own are now in 5ABN.When did the air landing battalion go to Aldershot? When we were in that role we were in Canterbury (like our predecessors and replacement). And why would anyone want to join such a jinxed regiment? Every time they go on the range or on exercise or abroad,someone gets killed.They even managed to lose all their weapons on the way to the shot.

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