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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wm1965, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. What else?

    I mentioned this programme on another thread and ended up watching an episode this afternoon. The thing that struck me then, and now, is how amazed I was that the extras were able to do drill. You don't get that with many dramas these days!
  2. Maybe those extras were squaddies?
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  3. No, they weren't using the Gurkhas in Brunei...
  4. It didn't start out as a bad programme, at least there was some effort to pay attention to detail.
  5. I may be wrong, but weren't the 2bn Coldstream Guards? The 'King's Fusiliers' and later the 'King's Own Fusiliers' (after a frightful merger with the 'Rutlands', pretty much followed 2COLDSTREAMS around the globe at the time. Inc HK and NZ.

    Could have been worse. They could have merged with the Malverns... spliters.
  6. A fair point.
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  7. It went downhill from Series 4.
  8. I always had a thing for Capt Kate Voce (Lesley Vickerage).
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  9. I like how every so often someone just disappears and no-one ever mentions them again. Ever. Paddy and that RMP tart went to the Middle East for an instructor tour and never came back, Tucker just disappeared one day without anyone noticing he was gone.
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  10. Oh God yes. Kate, Nance and Donna Tucker in a three way clam jousting tournament wearing just Twos hats and stockings.
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  11. Quite realistic!
  12. Of course, Soldier Soldier dealt with many issues we face here on ARRSE such as: para vs marines (Cyrpus); female SNCO in the couple gets offered LE pissing off the SNCO husband (HK); FFL walt (Windsor); wife shagging about while the husband's on exercise/out of the house (through the series); thieving QM (NI/UK), etc.
  13. Tucker blagging into the Officer's Mess as an RLC subbie...Poncenby-Smyth! Then getting caught in the Mess dress by SSM Stubbs, suffering from Bos induced PTSD, beasts Tucker in the pissing rain in his Y-Fronts. Classic!
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  14. Nancy and Kate yes... Donna could bring around the refreshments.

    We don't really know what happened to that lunatic who got captured by somebody or other, went mental at the PARA DS in some sort of RTI exercise, PVRd and became a mercenary in Africa. Last seen running off in to the African wilderness.

    He had also popped in to Poland with his wife to 'adopt' a baby and then she ended up pregnant.

    All weekly occurances in most Bns I am sure.

    Oh, and don't forget Paddy getting off ROPs for saving the King's Fusiliers' Buggy Brigade from a gas explosion in some dump of a barracks outbuilding!
  15. At least their berets fitted properly.
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