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Soldier, Soldier - Why Do I Remember It Being Good?

Back in the days days when a much shorter and slightly less rotund Chalk walked the earth, every week brought Army based treats to my TV screen in the form of high drama, class action and witty dialogue.

The fun to be had arguably set me on present course of running round in ditches at weekends, but still doesn't explain the studentdom.

So, with this golden haze of memory still surrounding it, why does every fibre in my being tell me it was a big pile of bitch tits?

Having not watched it for ten years, I don't have a recent perspective, but suspect I would probably hurt myself rather than view more than fifteen minutes of it.

So, to those who better remember:

crap or not crap?
I used to get to stay up late on a school night to watch it.

I remember it as being wonderful with hunks to drool over.

Or maybe thats just my adolesent mind

I watched it as a pad brat, and even I recognised it as crap. Ross Kemp would probably describe it as "Ultimate Force for hats", which is a telling statement.

And there can never be any excuse for any vehicle that brought us "Robson and Jerome"
Not crap. Not true either, but then is anything that isn't a documentary?

It had decent storylines and showed soldiers as individual personalities. It had humour, comradeship, loyalty, and yes, it showed frailties as well. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. I liked it.
This will sound sad, but I have all the episodes on DVD. While there were some storylines that were over the top, I don't feel it was that bad. It's just entertainment in the same way as 'The Bill' and 'Casualty' are entertainment and not an accurate reflection on day to day life in their respective environments.
Didn't see a lot of it as my parents didn't own a TV. It seemed pretty good, though - Donna reminded me no end of many wives I met on joining up.

One thing was a bit pants - the military advisor. It stuck in the craw to see tiny little mistakes (eg the Padre wearing little crosses on his shoulders rather than rank badges on shoulders and crosses on collars). It also seemed to be the only Bn where all troops dressed exactly the same and carried the same kit - no super ally berets, luminous trops or adapted webbing. My non-military mates refused to watch with me as I kept picking up points...

As for complete tosh remember lynda La Plante's Civvies...
Vegetius said:
CaptainPlume said:
As for complete tosh remember lynda La Plante's Civvies...
Didn't that portray paratroopers as psychopaths with repressed feelings for their bezzers?
That sounds quite realisitc.
StabTiffy2B said:
Vegetius said:
CaptainPlume said:
As for complete tosh remember lynda La Plante's Civvies...
Didn't that portray paratroopers as psychopaths with repressed feelings for their bezzers?
That sounds quite realisitc.

I really liked Civvies, especially when Joey from bread (steve I think) got wasted. That'll learn Im
Off thread I know, but Lynda La Plante can't write male characters for toffee. All her female ones are deep and 'interesting' but her males are one-dimensional caricatures from the school of wimmin rool writing. Can't stand her stuff myself.
All Quiet on the Preston Front.

Can't name the characters though.
abacus said:
One mostly for us STABs I suspect but who can name all the characters (Without google cheating!) and what was the series?

"Gurkha Tankbattle" anyone?

Why o why do I remember that? :oops:
"Gurkha Tankbattle" anyone?

Makes me laff!!!

Liked the bit when they became assault pioneers and the ex-reg Cpl. is showing them how to manually probe for mines and explains the prodder has a one metre extension handle - the big lad - Lloydy? - asks if it had a half-mile extension......
I could never understand why they came home from a weekend and it was dark!!!! Most stab weekends I have done and I have done my share and some, I had better be back mid afternoon. Know what I mean.......
Lemme see.

Lloyd ( of Llyodys carp fame )
Diesel ( the vm )

Linda la Plume or something

classic telly , but like SS went down the tubes when it took itself serious
QUOTE: Captain Plume.

" One thing was a bit pants- The military advisor"

I may be wrong but i think this geezer was a L.E. Kingo ossifer.

( in reference to the soldier, soldier thingummybob)
Oh I have a confession to make I had a major crush on Ben Nealon, the chap who played Lt. Jeremy Forsythe on Soldier Soldier.....

How many hail marys is that?? :roll:

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