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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Karabiner, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Not sure if this has been done before but here goes. I have checked my resettlement info on JPA and it gives my enlistment date as 2 Jan 1986, this was my commissioning date and my soldier service from 25 Oct 1976 to 2 Jan 1986 does not appear. I appreciate that as my date of birth is 8 Sep 1958 that my pensionable service under AFPS 75 started on 08 Sep 1979 but that is still a good chunk of pensionable service (about 7 years) that does not show. I checked with my admin office and they could not do anything locally and so referred it to APC who referred it to the JPAC who sent me an e-mail telling me to go to my local HR rep (yes my Admin Office) and they could sort it, went back to my Admin Office and they went back to the JPAC who said get a pension forecast from SPVA just to see if my soldier service was counted using legacy data.

    In order to kill off what is becoming a bit of a merry go round, how do I get a pension forecast and if my eligible soldier service does not appear to have been counted how do I then correct it? I am out in Sep 13 but knowing how long this sort of thing could take I am starting early.

  2. Write to SPVA Pensions @ Kentigern House requesting your annual free pension forecast. State your Officer and Soldier Regtl numbers and give your dates of service, then ask for your full service pension forecast. They are pretty busy at present but you should hear back within a month or so.
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  3. I would of thought a senior officer of your rank, stature and Director of a Corps would not need to go on ARRSE for an answer!!

    Perhaps if you are getting the run around, have a direct word with the Director Staff and Personnel Support (Army)?
  4. I know that I am not alone in facing this problem, thought the answer being on here might help a few others. Sometimes even Corps Directors
    need to ask for help, even if it is on ARRSE :)
  5. I have just finished 23 years service with a year off in the middle....Re-enlisted......

    For the last five years of my service I have tried to get JPA to display my full service dates. JPA only displayed my 2nd lot of service. After numerous letters to the records division and endless help from the clerks I gave up....I was worrying that my pension would be messed up.. Unfortunately, i missed out on a few promotion boards due to JPA saying that I had served less than I had.... I dont think that has been a problem for you.....

    However, my pension dates were perfect after i followed what the Paymaster advised.....The only thing that can be messed up is your resettlement as this goes straight from JPA..
  6. Kb and the rest of you, one of the other tricks is to go to your unit HR and check whether there is an old UNICOM print in your file. For you oldies there should be, cross fingers, it will show your true, per JPA, dates. Use a copy to claim your correct entitlements.
  7. To avoid a dispute towards the end of your service over the true length of service for pension or resettlement purposes, print off all your pay statements and P60's from ArmyNet while you're still in, saves you buying paper & several ink cartridges.

    Then write to the address below asking for a pension forecast stating both sets of service enclosing the printed off copies of your ArmyNet pay statements & P60's as proof:

    Pension Division
    MP 480
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    Glasgow G2 8EX