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Soldier sentenced for staying in bed during fight

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Gun_Brickie, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. From

    21 days seems like a light sentence to me.
  2. What gives? Was he trying to get booted out or something? Like I've never been in anything even approaching combat so I'm not going to lay into the guy as a coward or anything, since I've never been in the situation myself, but that just sounds really weird.
  3. We've all been in the position where we would give our right arm for another ten minutes sleep but "ordersw is orders". This man wilfully disobeyed a lawful command and may very well have put his comrades into more danger. All the comments about PTSD are irelevant as he didn't use it in his defence. He was just an idle scroat and deserves everything he gets. I would definitely not welcome him into any unit I was in as I liked to know that I could rely on my mates all the time.
  4. Besides... you'd think you could shake yourself awake with the knowledge that there were a bunch of people with guns trying to kill you and your friends at the time. I can figure him refusing to do mundane labour or go out on a patrol or something, but this is just weird.
  5. I recall that when the Scots Guards were paraded at Chelsea,prior to deployment to The Falklands,a subbie failed to appear,as he was bonking some woman in S Kensington,That was the end of him!
  6. If he didn't get up with 'Charlie in the wire', what they hell would motivate him out of his scratcher?
  7. 21 days seems a light sentance for this offence. He is on bail pending an appeal..I think there may be more to this than we are being told :?
  8. That's what I mean, you'd think the whole "under attack" thing would be sufficient motivation.
  9. Hmm, so was it a case of "Ha, call that an attack? I've slept through better attacks than that!" or did he pull the blankets over his head and give it "Make the nasty man go away!" Bullet-proof farter perhaps?
  10. Maybe he'd just got to the vinegar strokes?!
  11. He'd just take a viagra for a posh w*nk.

    Didn't feel comfortable fighting with a huge stiffy!!!!

    Might give the opfor ideas.
  12. Have to agree with MrB on this one - seems an odd sort of response for someone of his rank and TI, which makes me suspect that there is more to this than has been made public, thus providing grounds for appeal.

    In these circumstances, does he have an automatic right to appeal, or has he been granted the opportunity to appeal?
  13. Sounds very odd, perhaps he will explain all when he's tied up and talking to his mates!!
  14. Disgraceful.And a NCo to boot. I hope he displays the same attitude in Club Ed, where he'll promptly be put on bread and water and a daily visit with the docs. 21 days of crusts can do a man some adjusting.What a piece of shit.
  15. Sounds like he had completely lost interest and couldn't be bothered playing soldiers anymore. Not cowardice I think but flagrant criminal negligence. A couple of years in the glasshouse followed by a single rail warrant back to wherever he was recruited would be an appropriate sentence - either that or a stay in his local military psychiatric ward if he has in fact lost the plot.
    The pertinent question is whether he was a one off or was there a wider problem with motivation in his unit?