Soldier school rescued teen tearaway

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shaka, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. Errm isn't this is what the JLR regiments also achieved reinventing the wheel here
  2. There spake the voice of reason and experience.

    Brettarider (real name shopping basket motability) is proof positive, if ever it was needed, that care in the community works.

    Okay, it was the military community.....

    but it worked nonetheless :D
  3. Emily,

    If you are reading this - well done. Keep out of Aber and don't go up to the Mardy ever again.

    You can make a life for yourself without getting involved with anyone at the back of the Angel or the bus station.



  4. This young lady should be very proud of her self , She is a very well respected regimented role model to young people and prove they can transform their life's around with the help of military preparation college and their staff in cardiff and Brecon
  5. Very true - but her own willingness/self belief, desire to stick it out and see it through should be recognised too.

    It's good to see the Green were there for her and didn't write her off straightaway, but gave her the oppurtunity.
  6. They should have sent her to Bridgend.
  7. This is not part of the Forces, but a civvy company running courses to prepare people for basic training.
  8. That's understood, but whoever they are, they deserve to be commended for (at least in this case) taking these problem children and actually encouraging them to become assets to society by giving them a sense of self-worth and achievement.

    If this prep school has genuinely done what it claims then three cheers for them. If it can work then it says something, it's a shame it won't ever be an enforced method.
  9. sounds about right.

    I like the look of the daily timetable too...
  10. Said it for ages.

    If schoot teachers were allowed to discipline the pupils and be backed up (non of this appealling of expulsion etc), and the National Curriculum included some form of stretching the pupils (ie DofE, adventurous training and community work) there would be higher esteem and self worth in the kids.

    Then they wouldn´t drop in to drugs. Note, not try drugs, but perhaps not lean on them like a crutch along with all the other gang culutures sprining up.
  11. School teacher should be shot.

    message ends
  12. What about CCFs being run from all schools rather than mainly private schools where the kids already have advantages that most don't?
  13. I would like to see more ACFs being run from schools. Partly becaues the buildings would be more efficiently used.

    But that is not to everybodies taste. I would also ike to encourage the scouts, guides, Boys Brigade, Girls Brigade, youth club DofE groups, st johns etc etc. to also be part of the school.

    But that then leads me to the re role of the school as in important centre to the youth culture of hte area. Not to mention the added sports available by axeing school afternoons. Start at 0700, then finish at 1300, PM spent on sports, actiivities and civic responsibilities.
  14. don't they do something similar in germany?