Soldier 'sacrificed' for IRA informer- Sunday Times.

Sunday Times 20 June. Dunno how to do links yet.

When I saw this headline I assumed it was a harp back to the 14 Int 'scandals' of the 70-80's but on reading it I was, well horrified is'nt the right word as I've long passed being horrified by anything that happens in NI, so appalled I suppose, that it refered to Stephen Restorick, the L/Bdr killed in Bessbrook in Feb 97. He was the last soldier killed in the current 'troubles' and was slain by the PIRA's 'Goldfinger' sniper gang just before the current ceasefire was announced.

The ST is reporting, and they're not known for Mirroresque rubbish, an ex-14 Int operators claims that although the PIRA gang was known and comprehensivley tracked they were not intercepted on the night they shot L/Bdr Restorick. This decision, they're alleging, was either, to protect an informant who was part of the gang or to help facilitate the peace process or both.

Now, I've no idea what the 'bigger picture' was and I realise hindsight is a perfect science, but FFS, this lot were already tagged with at least six SF killings and six weeks after L/Bdr Restorick was killed they were able to mount another shoot that maimed an RUC officer
They were subsequently arrested and recieved long prison sentences but were released under the terms of the GFA.

I don't know. If this report is true and again the ST is'nt know for having the wool pulled over it's eyes, my heart and my guts say I really hope someone was hung by the 'nads for this, but my head says it's unlikley. Another 'sacrifice' to the swirling cesspit that passes for politics in the B*stard State.

Just every now and again your reminded what a shitty world it can be.

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