Soldier risked own life to save colleague under fire

Good drills that bloke. Top stuff.

Why don't we see more stories like this in RSS feeds? Much rather see this over my morning scoff than the normal guff about RAF wanky stores types doing shite.

Balls of steel that man. And in your face BNP *******.
brave lad but a folking MID , who decides who gets what gong? or is it bung the awards in a hat and pull one out?

Same reason that my Bn's families officer (W02) got a BEM while working with the rear party while the Bn was in NI. Everyone else just got a GSM (most already had one in any case)...

Go figure.

I have to say however, from talking with old friends who have served in sandy places, that those who go in harm's way in Afghan, whether they are teeth arms or support like medics etc, all get my respect and admiration, even if they just get the standard "being there" bling.


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