Soldier returning from Iraq in combat gear thrown off train

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Oh dear, was my complaint too tetchy? EEJITS! FFS! He was quite clearly a soldier - what more proof would be required? :x :x :x :x :x :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. Completely disgusting behaviour by the guard on the train, surely the fact that he was in Uniform and able to prove (by his id card) that he is a serving soldier should have been enough to get round the railcard issue

    He even offered to pay the fare in full.

    Disgusting treatment by one of the most disgusting train operators on earth.
  3. The specially chartered outrage train has just left this station and will be arriving at the complaints department sooner than expected.

    Edited to add : Is this too much?

    Dear Sirs

    As per the article in the Telegrapgh of this date

    I am shocked and appalled to read of your treatment of a young soldier returning from the war. The lack of common sense AND common decency displayed by your staff member should be sufficient to drive you to issue a publicy apolgy and a guarantee that this will not happen to ANY of our young heroes again on your service. I look forward to seeing same in the national press at your earliest convenience.

    B Mugabe
  4. would be terrible to think that their email server would crash with complaints.
  5. Just becasue he was in a uniform,that does not make him a soldier does it? With all items of kit available on Ebay and the like,he could have got it together himself.
    Also he did not have his ID card with him.
    Not sticking up for the railway jobs-worth,but every story has two sides.
  6. Complaint sent ...... :evil: F@cktards.
  7. If I read correctly it wasn't his MOD90 that he didn't have but a railcard.
  8. The train company will do nothing, the Police will do nothing infact, the powers that be will do nothing because they don't care.

    At least someone on the train helped him pay for his ticket. I would expect at the very least a letter from both ticket collector and train company with a 'sorry' for comments made with regards to 'taking a bullet'
  9. Seriously, see your point, but that aside... who the hell, in this day and age, would have ALL their combat kit with them on a train out of choice?
    When the "outrage" at anyone in the Armed Forces wearing their uniform in public seems to be causing so much hassle...hardly something that someone would buy off Ebay, no?

    Rifleman Hoyland, 19, was carrying his helmet, backpack and body armour with him, but did not have his Armed Forced ID card which entitled him to a reduced fare. He was issued with a rail ticket on the premise he had his ID card with him but it was locked away with the rest of his stuff.

    Still believe in benefit of the doubt - even if you think it's naive...
  10. Forget Cross-Country Trains and handling of complaints. Been there, done that, they are terrible.

    Instead, how about emailing Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport Tom Harris?



    As Minister with responsibility for trains, it is only likely to be a shitstorm at Harris' level that will get CCT to remedy this satisfactorily. An email / letter to SoS Defence would also cause some needed friction.

    It woould be interesting to see how Tom Harris would respond, be wary of the PR / Spin expertise that he developed before high office though.
  11. He didn´t have his ID card which is a bit strange but irrelevant.

    He a ticket, it is the ticket issuers job to charge for tickets, the conductor just has to check that the people have them.

    If the conductor said this, may I suggest a trip to one of the operational theatres, which will include a spell in a field hospital. Then throw the fcuker on to the railway tracks.

    The young lad should be up for VC for having the moral courage not to shove the conductors own legs up his arrse, and his arms down his throat and then an attempt made to shove him down a toilet.
  12. Complaint sent - and it was his forces railcard he did not have not his mod90
    Did not see the ticket inspector's country of origin, tho I suppose we should not dare to think there may have been some other reason for his ejection from the train, should we? cnut's!
  13. Confussing cos the article says he did not have his forces ID card (MOD90) and yet the quote from the train rep says "There will be no discounts available without an armed forces railcard". Either way the train guard is a cnut, and should be sacked!