Soldier Reguests Our Prayers for his wife with Cancer

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by error_unknown, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I reived this in my email this moring. Just thought I would pass it on. and hopefully get people to say a quick prayer.
    A Soldier Requests our Prayers for his Wife who has Cancer

    >Request for Prayer
    >Bobby S. Briggs, MSgt, USAF
    >823 ESFS/SFOC
    >Flight Sergeant
    >Tough times don't last... Tough people do !!!
    >My name is Gary Hogan. Some of you receiving
    >this know me, some do not. My wife, Cindy, is 32
    >years old and has just been diagnosed 3 days ago
    >with stage 4 cervical cancer and her chances for
    >survival are very slim.
    >She was pregnant with our second child and had
    >miscarried recently at 3 months, and now we know
    >why. This is a request for you to forward this
    >e-mail to everyone you know asking for prayer.
    >The more people that pray for her to be healed,
    >the better
    >Pray and forward. It only takes a second to
    >hit "forward". Please do it and don't delete this, your
    >prayer will save her life. Please pray and ask everyone
    >you know to pray for the HEALING of Cindy, removal
    >of all cancer in her body so she may enjoy all that life
    >has to offer, and to continue to be the wonderful
    >mother to our 5 year old son, Michael.
    >The power of Prayer is unsurpassed I want the
    >whole world to have her in their prayers the next
    >few weeks. God will hear our cry. Please do not
    >be offended by my plea. This is only a request for
    >your help.
    >Thank you from the bottom of my heart for
    >reading this and helping with our request for healing.
    >No words can express the power we have when
    >we each do a little to come together.
    >Regards, Cindy's in-love husband - Gary
    >Thank you, and please send it to the far
    >reaches of our world.
  2. Father God, Bless Cindy with the wonder of Your healing touch. Cure the cancer that has taken hold in her body, and rid her of any sign of this disease. In Your Holy Name . . .

  3. I will remember Cindy and Gary in my prayers tonight. God grant you peace.
  4. Bless his cotton socks etc.. If nothing else, the recollections and stories passed down by a bunch of old hebrew elders over 2000 years ago and retold time after time and twisted to suit each generation since then may help but in this age of science and medicine, one wishes that a CAT scan and a healthy dose of radiation squares away the illness.

    Prayers? (Monk meant to say) They are in mine too.
  5. Although Monks post is in bad taste and I support the jist of the thread, you will find that the average Brit squaddie is nowhere near as "bible belt" as their yank counterpart.

    I wish them both well and I wish Cindy all the best, but this i not the place to post asking for prayers, you're only asking for hurtful trouble.
  6. Barron, would have been funny but due to the type of illness its a bit of bad taste. (edited by FF)
  7. All the best with the treatment, but as Auntie says, this isnt the place for this as you will take incoming.

    I wish her well.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.