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Hi guys

just looking for some advice, im 14 years old now and i seriously consider going to try to get in the paras but i really cant decide weather to go for soldier entry or to go for officer entry can somebody help me please!

thanks SC


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A lot will depend on your education - If you want to be an officer it will be hard graft for a few years could mean college and univeristy - but worth it in the end.

If you are not sure speak to your local AFCO. At 14 study hard and get your qualifications they will help you whether you join or not - don't waste this valuable part of your life.

In the last year of school speak to your local AFCO they can help with good advice for either. Ask yourself why and what you really want and how hard you are prepared to work to get it - then only if you are really serious do it - we don't play at being soldiers and if you command them its even tougher - the choice is yours

Good luck


P.s join the ACF to get a feel for military life - you may or may not like it


You only live once you, I'd suggest at least going to college and getting the minimal qualifications to be a Officer ie A-levels or BTEC (of which some colleges offer BTECs in Public Services which is focused upon the military/emergency services) this will allow you to have fun as a teenager as well as if you dont like the Army the chance of a decent job or uni. During this time as soon as you turn 17 you can join the Territorial Army, of which the Paras have a TA Battalion both of which should give you a decent look at the Army and see if its what you want to do and if so whether you want to join as a Officer or a Soldier.
Good man as you have proven your worth by coming to the inf. Youll be a giant among men mon brave
The pros?
Shit load more pay
Leader ship skills

The responsibility of leading 30 men on your first deployment, some of whom are far more experienced than you

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