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Hi, I'm halfway through my A-levels and am at a private school so the expectation of me from parents etc is to go officer route after university. Personally I've always been more interested in the soldier route. Has anyone else been in this situation on here who can give some advice?
fella we have a new pte joining us with a business degree, get over it just join
No you wouldn't; one of my soldiers had completed 2 years of his degree before deciding he wanted to join up immediately rather than waiting to go down the Sandhurst route. He was awesome and definitely made the right decision... based on his own skills and personality; I am certain he will make RSM is he decides to stay in.

But you may well find yourself less than challenged by doing so and you need to think carefully about why you are joining the Army. Are you just up for a few years' fun, then something else, or are you up for a long career where you can progress based on the skills you have? If so, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of joining as a soldier vis a vis going through the commissioning process.
In my experience the best officers i served under were commisioned in the field, i.e had came through the ranks sometimes being fast tracked, but a lot will depend on where you want to go, a Corps, infantry, artillery etc...
having been an infantry man from '87 -'06 (when we were stood down), i would recommend obtaining a trade that will stand you in good stead, although if you are studying Law in Uni, then possibly a commission in the RMP might be the best career path (although we will all hate you lol)
Summerscales said:
Ill rephrase then. If I went to university would I be expected to take the officer route and pushed away from soldier route?
I suppose you have to ask yourself where it is you wish the 'route' to take you. Destinations may differ but it's the view that makes it worthwhile in the end.


davyskyblue said:
In my experience the best officers i served under were commisioned in the field
I doubt anyone's been commissioned in the field since WW2.

I've met some excellent officers who commissioned through the ranks and some real dick-ends too, much the same as with direct entrant officers. The jobs are quite different, although they share certain common skills.

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