Soldier or officer?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jack_bastard, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Civvie street has finally broken me.

    I'm looking to join RMP as a soldier in the near future but have passed what is now AOSB many moons ago. Some would say I dress and talk like an officer (I don't get offended easily) and am leaving a senior role in civvie street.

    Will I develop a huge chip on my shoulder if I don't push for RMAS? The idea of being a Junior in RMP seems more appealing to me.

    Also, at what stage does an RMP recruit get bumped up from £13k a year? Is it following Phase 1 training or not until passing out of Phase 2?

    Plus can I confirm that RMP L/Cpl and Cpl are both higher band pay?

    Cheers guys.

  2. Soldier, to be honest mate. I've always thought that if you want to do the job that your corps does join as a soldier, if you want to manage people's careers then join as an officer. Lets face it you will only get up to about 5 years of getting amongst it (if not less), then you reach captain and you drive a desk from there on in!
  3. Go for the job that attracts you.

    All well and good to go for Officer but if you are not going to enjoy the job..... You can just as eaiily develop a chip, by being an offier and NOT enjoying it.

    Perhaps you could get in to a meaty role in the Monkeys. CP, SIB or similar.

    Couldn´t tell you off hand what monkies are paid, but you will be on the "training" value of wages until you finish Phase 2, inclduing driving. Basically your first day at a working unit will see you earning the LCPl wages, higher or lower.
  4. First 6 months reckonable service @ £13,012.80

    Which would put you on £16,226.76 (privates) level about half way through your phase two training?

    Then presumably the £22,959.72 when you pass out of phase two and get your LCpl promotion?
  5. Not quite, otherwise Herbert Jones would still be wandering around somewhere. However I agree with your original answer, because who wants to be led by someone who isn't 100% confident that his place in life is leading others with all the responsibility that entails? JB, do whatever appeals to you, not what people think you should do simply because you have a posh accent and a hyphenated surname.
  6. If the idea of being a Junior in the RMP is more appealing to you than pushing for RMAS, then it seems obvious to me that you would go down the soldier route. As said above, it is about what you want to do rather than what opinion people hold of you. The RMP hold opportunities like the SIB and close protection as you move up the ladder, so personally I would go for soldier and take things from there.
  7. If you do not know which to do - join as a soldier, complete training and then serve a while as a JNCO - if you decide that you would rather be an officer then apply for a commission from the ranks, you have until you are 30 to do this.
  8. Good advice. Sneaked out for my lunch break today and got the ball rolling down the careers office. Does anyone know if RMP Juniors are on higher pay scale or lower? The recruiter didn't know, he didn't stop shaking his head at the mere thought of going RMP...
  9. Everybody gets £13k as a recruit rising to £16k after being in 6 months regardless of cap badge or completion of training. Trade pay and subsequent rises come after completion of relevant training. The RMP's get promoted when they leave training so they get also get a pay increase for this.

    To go RMP you need a BARB score of 60+ and GCSE's in Maths English and Science (can't remember the grades, C's or D's). This allows you to do almost all of the jobs available in the Army. I can't see why anybody with this ability would consider going RMP. What a waste (in my opinion) Its not a stepping stone to civvy plod as some people see it. There are plenty of ex-servicemen working as plod without being ex-RMP. There are better jobs to be done and I can't see the attraction.

    Have you thought about Int corps as an alternative? Its pretty hard to get in and requires you to attend another selection board if you are successful at ADSC.
  10. I am trying to make a similar choice.

    I am still 16 so it is only early days, but I hope to join the Paras, possibly after 6th form or possibly after I get a degree. I am still not entirely sure if I want to join the army, but it is always something I have contemplated, and if I do join, it will be the Paras.

    Anyway, something I have recently been thinking about is joining as an officer. I still want to be where the action is- that is my reason for joining, and I figured Lt. is the one to go for as they are still on the front lines.

    However, my only reason for joining as a CO would be the extra pay. Other then that, I am perfectly happy to join as an NCO. However, I know leading 20+ men into battle would be a LOT of pressure. It is also not something I have a burning desire to do, I just want to get out there.

    My question is, if I have that attitude, do you think I should go in as an NCO?

    Also, what sort of pay does a Lt. get compared to a L.Cpl?
  11. You join as a 2nd Lt, but even Lt arent CO's, they are platoon commanders.

    With that attitude, id have to say yes, because you probably wouldn't pass selection. You can't just join as a Cpl/Sgt in the Para's. You would have to work through the ranks.

    I believe Lt's are on £23k or so a year while L.Cpl are on quite a lot less.

    Anyone feel free to correct me.
  12. Finn, do some research and dont be a mong. Damn, I bit.
  13. I tried checking out the Army website, but it didn't really explain much about the ranks or the pay.

    So you think soldier is the way forward?

    Your probably right- but then again I could always try out the initial officer training phase, if I don't think I am cut out for it, I can just stick with going in as Pvt or L.Cpl. I know I would like to join the army, going in as a CO was just an idea seeing as I would have the grades.
  14. get in contact with the Para's down at colchester, they do officer interest weeks/weekends, i was due to go on one before i quit a levels.
  15. FFS finn you idiot, you wouldnt go in as a CO- Lts ARE NOT COs. If you were lucky enough to be accepted at sandhurst, the parachute regiment would not want you if you dropped out of officer trianing. You cant join as an NCO in the parachute regiment, you are a PRIVATE until you get promoted (if you get promoted).