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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BlackRoseImmortal, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. I am going to leave University in June with a (hopefully) 2:1 BA degree in History and Politics. I am currently giving considerable contemplation to joining the army. I hear people who possess higher education qualifications customarily join as an officer. However this does not really interest me. If I am honest with myself I really do not see myself as possessing the required qualities to lead a troop of soldiers straight away. In fact the life of a soldier appeals to me more, even if the pay and supposed 'status' is lower. My question is then would I be allowed to join as a soldier, or would I be strongly pressured to join as an officer? And to those already serving, how common is it for people with higher education qualifications to actually join up as a soldier?
  2. Degree in History and politics - HMM lets see, practical applications in a "Trade" corps, nil.

    No, its Officer for you sonny.
  3. BA? Callcentre? Let's be honest thats where most BA grads end up.
  4. You can join up as a Soldier, even with a 2:1. What you do in the Army depends on what you want to do.

    After a few years, you could go for a commision. In these modern, enlightened times, it is a lot easier for soldiers to commision and for grads to join up.

    I know several grads, who got their degrees before joining up.

    I know a fair few who graduated during service too.

    The old stereotype is well and truely smashed.

    Just be prepared for people to ask you why you didn't join up as an officer..... lots.

    It is funny though, when you get a non grad Lt, to insist on them write your post nominals!!!!

    Apart from history and politics, what can you do? The Int Corps' may take you with that mind.
  5. Like the last chairman of the stock exchange who was a HIS graduate.
  6. I am not really thinking about how my degree can be applied in an army context. I want to join the infantry anyway.
  7. Speaking from the dark blue perspective I have known several Royal Marines who have had degrees. One advantage of being an officer is when you leave, as it opens up more options for work. However, if you want to be a soldier then go for it, as you can go for a commission later, but to be honest officer training is a pain and it can be good to get it out of the way!

    Don't feel pressured either way, do what you want to do.
  8. Sound advice that. At the end of the day, no matter what the recruiter or anybody else might have to say about joining the ranks with a degree you have to do what you want to do. You may get a little pressure to go to Sandhurst but if you are determined to join the ranks they can't force you.

    Having said this, however, your recruiter might like you to go on an officer FAM visit. If this is the case, i would suggest you go on it and have a look. You never know it might change your mind. And, if it doesn't you can say "I've given it a reasonable chance and still don't wish to join as an officer,"

    Hope this helps, good luck.

  9. am finishing off my degree in portsmouth atm (dont expect ill be getting a 2:1 tho!) am doing palaeobiology and evolution - the most pointless and impractical thing to study if your joining the army! was always going to joinas a soldier but the otc have pushed me towards officer (as they would) i decided to do my aosb and see how that turns out, if i dont pass i wont be too pis*ed off bout it coz ill go in as a soldier like i wanted to!
    Just what you fancy really i spose
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I couldn't agree more. Investigate both options, and see which one you think you would prefer.

    I had several soldiers in my Pl (in a Regiment usually derided for it's spelling ability) with degrees - all of whom wanted to be privates, not officers.
  11. Isn't that the truth these days
  12. I don't mean to be a cretin but that kinda does epitomize the whole degree thing.. most junior infantry officers do the same as their soldiers on the ground, and lead from the front, obviously they lead their men and hold responsibility for them but it's not a case of simply being dropped in at the deep end. You get taught how to utilize the leader within you, and then you get dropped into the deep end. ;)
  13. You my boy sound like the prime of the RE who have alot of officer's with history quals. Do not waste your quals as a soldier. TRUST ME!! it may seem fun pissing about in the field and that however if you want a career you'll stead yourself better for later life!!

    And as for not being able to lead men you'll fit right in with most the officer's straight away!!

    I'd personally say join the RE as our junior officers get their hands on and work with the blokes. then when you can lead men happily they'll post you to a desk.

    Good luck either way
  14. my advice to you is don't join if you're gonna do anything half hearted cause you wouldn't be welcome with a jack attitude! Try'na sound cool and one of the lads when you have potential just makes you sound a twat! if it's soldier you want and you don't care for a fail then why not stop wasting people's time, get a spine and fall in line?? just not in my Coprs!