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Soldier or Nanny?


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green_slime said:
Shameful, even worse he is now training to be a farmer so he must be one of the top of the hate list for New Labour

Although he was a gunner...
The Glorious Leader's a gunner too.

"I'm gunner destroy the army, I'm gunner shaft the country, I'm gunner be president......"
Vasco said:
All of a piece. Spike Milligan was refused a passport because he was born in India.
Spike's father was Irish aswell , later in life they relented and told him he could have his citizenship , to which he replied , and i quote

"stick it up your arrse you English c***" :D
Warwick is a good man.

Great quote (said in your best South African style accent):

W: 'What is that yellow gravy?'

Straightfaced officer: 'Custard, Warwick.'

papa_lazaroo said:
pompeyboys said:
A former Army captain who saw active service in Iraq and Kosovo has been refused a British passport ...
I knew this rupert aswell. he was my BTO for a while. a good bloke. bit full of himself at times, but a decent enough chap.

typical fcuking govenment. :evil:
Could he hold his drink though PL?? :wink:

Seriously though, if all else fails, he can return to his birth country to take up his new trade as a farmer...... 8O ......or maybe not.

Perhaps he would be better qualified to claim political assylum? He wouldn't have to work at all then. :evil:
I see ... so operational service overseas in the British Army doesnt count as residence in the country, according to the Home Office?

Fecking strange then that it DOES count as residence for purposes of income tax and council tax.

Jack b*stards the lot of them

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Chaps - being the advocate for the Devil here.......

Why the hell should he have a British passport? He fought for us - but then again so have many others from the Commonwealth. He seems to want to keep his colonial roots but ensure the best deal can be had for his kids - and himself - for the future.

I have seen less stink over the Gurkhas and their combined efforts outweigh a well-bred, well-educated man who has made educated choices. Discuss.
I thought that the latest idea was that Commonwealth soldiers had to get dual nationality now to comply with some DU directive? Something about the military not being able to employ folks from outside of the EU. Wonder where that leaves the Gurkas as well?
An outrage, when you think of all the dross being welcomed into this country.

The key fact is that he DOES qualify for citizenship , however he was away serving with the Army at the time.

So, we charge soldiers with murder under British jurisdiction id they slot someone in Iraq, but when it comes to allowing them citizenship, they are no longer under British jurisdiction/law?

Sounds like some real jobsworth has decided to make a point that has backfired after the Blunkett thing
Hootch said:
The key fact is that he DOES qualify for citizenship , however he was away serving with the Army at the time.
Yes, that was the point. Because he's been out of the country so much they won't let him stay here! Whereas if he was an idle wardodger he's be spot on! I bet Blunkett didn't personally intervene in THAT application. Probably didn't see it at all :twisted:

perhaps he should get a good tan grow a beard and pretend not to speak english, or any other west european language. Whilst waiting for his asylum claim or citizenship our taxes could pay for his accommodation, (mortgage perhaps), his benefits, the remainder of his expensive course at Cirencester and perhaps even a holiday. I think this is money well spent to give these people a chance away from the persecution and discrimination from which they have escaped.

Of course his other option is to return to that peaceful, multi-ethnic society that is Zimbabwe where the rule of fair law and free speach operates. Apparently.

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