"Soldier on!" disabled/long-term injured civilian employment

Readers of this forum may be interested to hear about a new organisation called "Soldier on!"

We have sadly reached a time where the amount of service personnel who
have acquired some form of disability or long-term injury, as a result of time spent within the Armed Forces now far outweighs the number of non-operational roles individuals would traditionaly be offered, should they stay with their regiments. We have also spoken to individuals whose desire to stay has often been born out a total fear of what else is available and this we are hoping to address.

A lot of people are currently looking at this situation and asking
questions about The Veteran's Minister's Welfare Pathway, which could potentialy see an amount of individuals leaving the services with disabilities or long-term injuries. With the wave of public support behind the military, with what they as individuals have achieved for all of us it would be un-thinkable to simply allow these servicemen and women to just leave, and thus we founded "Soldier on!" which is a specialist recruitment initiative to help this group of servicemen and women to
find alternative, civilian employment. We offer the following:

1) CV writing, interview training and sector knowledge seminars.
2) Work experience for those who need something non-military on their CV, before aiming for permanent placements.
3) Permanent placements for those who we can find careers for immediately. (traded individuals etc)
4) In the case of an individual who is on long-term rehabilitation and will
eventualy return to full active duty we offer to find internships and
placements with civilian companies to fit in with their rehabilitation
schedules. This will also be beneficial in the future when the individual retires as they will have some form of commercial experience on their CV

This service is offered to ALL ranks, ALL branches of the Armed Forces and to veterans as well as service leavers. It is completely free for our candidates.

"Soldier on!" is part of a network of ex-military headhunters who are already committed to helping any service leaver or veteran find employment. We are therefore most happy to be contacted by any service leaver.

Our website will be fully active within the next week but our contact details can already be found on www.soldieron.org.uk
We've met Nick and he is a thoroughly nice bloke who seems to be doing this for all the right reasons. They've just relaunched their website - Solider On which is well worth a quick peek.

We've offered them the use of our jobs site (Olive Jobs) to help get jobs out there to widest possible audience. Although they have loads of companies willing to employ disabled/wounded ex-serviceman, their biggest problem is actually getting access to wounded people. The MOD/government won't allow them access (probably fair enough for confidentiality reasons) or even pass on information (much less acceptable) ....
Bad CO,

I think the wounded personnel will find Soldier On now they are advertised in ARRSE or at least someone they know will be a member of ARRSE and will let them know. It's a good move getting them on here, they are a Great Organisation...

Well Done Soldier On.