Soldier / Officer Bursary Info

Soldier/Officer - financial sponsorship at University/college of nursing

The QARANC soldier bursary - only 15 per year granted, with a maximum value of £5,000 (£1000 on award, £1500 on entering years two and three and £1000 upon successful completion of mil trg)

conditions - you serve a 4 year engagement following initial training.

QARANC Officer bursary - offered to student nurses (adult branch) to a max value of £6000. (£1000 on award, £1000 at start of years two and three, £3000 on entry to RMAS for officer trg).

conditions - selection for RCB held in May and October
applications must be in by end of Feb and July to reach deadlines.


QARANC Recruiting
Slim Raod
Surrey GU15 4NP

01276 412741/2742


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