Soldier Magazine

please help, i'm sure this has been brought up but i can't find soldier magazine anywhere in shops like a newsagent or anything

do you have to subscribe and get it delivered??

grippar said:
When your balls drop and you learn that a computer can be used for other things than bebo you may find this on your surfing travelsfree look see
sheesh, sorry i was just wondering if i just have to subcribe to get the magazine instead of looking in shops

anyway i've already been on the website
man, i must be blind. although there is only like 3 shops in my small village

thanks i'll look in there

see grippar, thats all i needed to know
you could pop into your careers office and steal their copy ;) since you can view a digital copy of the magazine(august issue) on the website, will they update it every month for every issue?
PandaLOVE said:
Last year when demobbing I found a rolled up Soldier Mag from 1986 wrapped around a coat hanger.
Save that for another 3 years PandaLove and it will be classed as 'Vintage' - should be worth a mint... 8)

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