Soldier Magazine promo code!

Just saw this on their Twitter page, 12 issues for £20 :)

UK Twitterers – Enjoy 12 issues of Soldier for only £20, a 52 per cent saving on the high street price. Call 01252 347353 and quote TW0909.
Sorry if this is seen as 'advertising'...I don't work for SM! Just thought I'd share :)

always stacks of them laying around gathering dust
Fallschirmjager said:
Yes we do. The problem is, is that the paper is shiny and as such it's hard to wipe your arse with it as the shit just spreads.
Yeah but it's always good for a laugh at the letter's page. Some poor squaddie writes in with a genuine problem and then he'll get a reply form someone with a job title made up from abreviations that doesn't actually answer his question but does slighty patronise him.
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