Soldier Magazine - March issue

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheLordFlasheart, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Anyone read this month’s glorious magazine?

    I shall point you in the direction of 'Talkback'. You know, the letters from whining people towards the back.

    One particular letter made me chuckle a bit but then actually annoyed me. Soldier Magazines website isn’t currently working so I cant quote the letter. I shall give you the general gist.

    Bloke/bird (Cpl, name and address supplied) basically has a rant about people calling persons with red or ginger hair 'Gwa' or other such derogatory names. He/she puts it in the same light as a racist slur and the offenders should be punished for such name calling.

    I shall grab the quote tomorrow.

    Now either this person is taking the pish (good one) or he needs his hair burning off with an Oxyacetylene torch. What will it come to next? Smudger Smith being offended at the comparison to a smudge? Lofty Brown crying because he is vertically challenged? Well, if that’s the case, I'm off because it's getting beyond a joke. How the fcuk am I expected to not only kill the enemy but train others to do the same if they are more concerned at being upset about being called a fat ginger smelly cnut? (CC not aimed at you mate, some of my favourite pets are ginger
    :wink: )

    If the person who wrote the article is a member on this site. FFS dont post your picture you twiglet smelling odd ball.
  2. Ah the good old PC mokeys are at it again.

    I am now begining to wonder if these people have taken a Vow of silence, as that is what it would take me to not upset anyone, even then i would hold up signs stating my point.

    I might get affended if you call me a gwa, jesus wind ya neck in, you sound just like the pakistani's complaining about being called paki's, I am British, but i dont mind being called a Brit!

    Next you will be saying dont call me British/English, call me a european!

    What this world coming too!

    Hang them all the bunch of tree hugging welchers!

  3. FFS if i wasn't a gwar! i would be offended, it is what turned me into a finely tuned killing machine!! :wink: the fact that all me mates took the pish, i thought what are others thinking about me.. so they got it all :lol:

    if the best people have to worry about is the colour of their hair being ginger..bloody hell!! if us gwars didn't get picked on we would be just as annonymous, as everyone else...

    (anyone who doesn't know me calls me a gwar in chat and you will know about it) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  4. feck off ya gwa mod :wink:
  5. rather be a gwar than a shit shoveller :wink:

    Now keep it on thread
  6. What a coincidence, you have a 'full house' then cc. :wink:
  7. What? So I can't get a derogitory comment in about gwa t@ssers :wink:

    It may be sh*t to you, but its my bread and butter 8O
  8. As welcome as a red-headed stepchild
    Beaten like a red-headed stepchild
    Like the rutilant hair of Satan himself
    Red-haired Judas

    I think there is a common thread running through these perennially popular expressions :lol:
  9. you called my lord?
  10. Harsh man..very harsh!! :roll:
  11. But fair(or rather not :p )
  12. Been looking for a worthy thread to celebrate my 1000th post and this is it......

    You're all jealous!
  13. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Aye - we are all GINGER with jealousy - not :wink:
  14. Could be worse, could be a french Gwa!