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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Coiled_Spring, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Apparently this month we have an offering by an ex 22 year man being told that he is too old to join the T.A.

    This soldier is an ex WO2 and has allegedly been told that he is "too old".

    Previous military service apparently doesn't count because, "God forbid" he may upset the current CO's plans for promotion etc. Could you imagine the upset??? Ladie's and Gent's tonight we have a wannabee in our midst. Mr x has spent 22 years serving Queen & Country and he wishes to join our establishment , what say you???

    Tonight I is mostly being an "Arab!!!!!"
  2. Leaving aside the question of there being suitable vacancies at the unit, haven't they recently changed the maximum age for TA recruits to 43?
  3. Tartan Terrier,

    At the moment i am currently serving in a TA unit as well.
    I too have done 2 tours spent within the realms of TA and am currently looking forward to a "Regular" posting.

    Those who know me and "you know who i am " will know that i have served to the best of my potential within the TA. However there comes a time when you just have to become reacqainted with "Normality".
    MTD's et all-Forget it!!!!

    I can honestly say that you would be received with open arms by the unit that i am attached to.

    As for Maj John Varley, Land Pers PS TA, his last sentence killed what little i possibly thought about him. What a throwaway statement.

    Regardless of your former experience and qualifications, you should be aware that a TA unit may only enlist you if a suitable vacancy exists. The CO also has to consider whether the introduction of an ex-Regular SNCO would adversely affect the career aspirations of serving TA SNCOs and WOs.

    Was this guy a former RCMO?,, I think not!

    The CO also has to consider the fact that the introduction of an ex- Reg may give his SNCO's the boot up the @rse that they require.

    Tartan Terrier- Good luck in your quest.
  4. Thats ridiculous!! My unit would snap this blokes hand off. That kind of experience can only be good for the unit as long as it doesn't come with an ego.
  5. Blokes of that description should be snapped up and offered LE commissions, it’s a very foolish STAB that turns away that kind of experience.
  6. Ego and self confidence can be easily confused, especially for "Less qualified proffesionals"
    The TA was built on Ex Regs, seems they are getting above themselves.
  7. Actually, the fact that the guy was prepared to go on op tours should have made the decision for any potential CO a no-brainer, particularly as TA units that do not have a good track record of sending people on ops are likely to start feeling pain in the not so distant future.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Or Reg CO, who ultimately makes the decision...

  9. I've just read this post again and I'm getting more :crash:
    Do the TA really beleive they can learn more from a TA SNCO that has never served in the Regs than a Ex Reg WO2, or are they just afraid he might ruffle a few feathers?
    I've deployed with the TA a few times and they had some quality young lads, however, the none Reg SNCO's were complete dross!
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Don't headbut the screen! The person he spoke to at the TA was probably the PSAO (usually a retired LE) or the SPSI (Reg SNCO). The person with overall responsibility would be the CO (quite probably a reg). The major responding to the letter, and all of those who made up the rules are highly likely to be regular as well.

    The vast majority of TA SNCOs realise their shortcomings, and would welcome an Ex reg joining them - I know I did.

  11. M.M.S my comments were not intended to be derogatory in nature. From reading threads on Arrse and my own experience I have come across the ever lasting ARAB vs STAB debate and who is better than who and why et al. I am not saying nor implying that this WO2 would have an ego just merely pointing out that SOME may have a feeling of "I'm an ex-reg so therefore i'm better than you" but I digress off thread. I would hope that the CoC realise what experience and benefit this SNCO can bring to the TA and I will re-iterate that my unit would very happily take a person of that quality on board.
  12. Who are the idiots that lay down an age barrier that prevents healthy, fit and apparently motivated individuals like the gent in question from being allowed to sign up, and where did the 43 age restriction come from, why not 50 like the RAF Reserves?

    The MOD needs to rethink on this especially in this age of alleged non-discrimination against everyone and their pet dog.
  13. If the ex WO2 is determined, he will get in. He does seem on the face of it to be a good 'catch'.

    In 'defence' of Major Varley, I have to say he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Regulations relating to the TA, but he does NOT write them. He also has many years of applying these Regs at MOD level.

    The last part of the letter from him, that we saw on this site, is a bit off-hand and may well have been rephrased along the lines of: '.... the rank available if you are accepted, will be determined by the CO (etc)...'

    I hope this man does get in and it would be great to know the outcome.
  14. As a 22 yr WO2 (and a "specialist") about to retire, I was asked by one of our Corps TA officers if I was joining them.

    When I enquired about the chances of going for a Commission, I was told that they didn't want the Mess turning into "a drinking club for ex-Regulars".

    Needless to say, I didn't join. I repeated his line to our Director when he asked me the same question after I'd retired. :twisted: