SOLDIER MAGAZINE: Int Corps is key asset in war on terror

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FrogPrince, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. I like this part of the article:

    A professional marketing campaign, harnessing television, newspapers and magazines such as Cosmopolitan and FHM, aims to bring the brightest young men and women on board.

    WTF Cosmo and a magazine that is a cross between the Beano and Fiesta ( an excellent publication for the articles, ehem) is hardly likely to yield the most intellectual of candidates is it?
  2. But lots of Walts will be reading these mags.....only surprised that Combat and Survival is not on the list....!
  3. Is it me, or do the pictures make us look like a bunch of weird specky fat spotters?
  4. And your point is.....
  5. Its not just you. "Make you look like".........?
    The camera never lies, they say.
  6. And it also adds ten pounds to the hips......
  7. and it also seems to be the same picture from all the old recruiting information as well as the website. Guess the budget doesn't stretch to a new photo, those two in the picture have managed to get their mugs all over the shop. So much for a low profile
  8. [​IMG]

    Is this bloke is deep cover as a black and white minstrel ?
  9. But at least they can read. The remainder can join the infantry or become tankies :):):)
  10. A classic mistake. An officer and a map!!
  11. Does one actually read FHM?
  12. Only AFTER the picture pages have been stuck together.
  13. i've looked all over that page, and can't find the pic of our famous faceparty lance jack from edinburgh ANYWHERE... :)
  14. Cam cream and berets. Why, why, why, why why? Cam cream = tactical, berets = in barracks, never the twain shall meet! If he needs cam cream, he needs his helmet on!