Discussion in 'Officers' started by goatbagthedruid, Apr 24, 2005.

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  1. Having :lol: 'ed at the April Edition of Soldier Magazine "Style Storm - Fashion faux pas could soon be a thing of the past for Sandhurst cadets" (nice one, good consultant name - Welwyn Trewly-Phelfrit). Think this may actually be a good idea to introduce for Soldiers/JNCOs as well. Fashion and transportation experts could come from the following websites:

    Chavscum - The World's Best Modified Car Mag.

    Any ideas for SNCOs??
  2. Apos'
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  4. No bites from this call sign. I'm glad somebody finally realised how badly officers do dress and some attempt is being made to rectify this.
  5. I do adore the way we get critisied by our soldiery for all dressing the same, when sqn bars seem full of said fashion gurus expressing their individuality by dressing exactly the same. Short sleeved shirt, stiffly ironed (of course), pocket on the left breast, left un-tucked and of course the visible brand name! This on top of a branded pair of jeans held up with a black belt (large silver buckle) to match the chunky black, flat fronted shoes again with silver buckle!

    Or perhaps for the more relaxed evening a light coloured tracksuit and the ubiquitous sterile white trainers (neither have either seen or are suitable for any kind of sport).

    rant complete, end of mission!

  6. Ahhh, the resident officer-hater returns with some more erudite submissions! Face it, we all wear different uniforms, both on and off the pitch. Well done pond-life!
  7. Suprisingly enough I agree with you. Most squaddies have a cr*p fashion sense. I did when I was 18/19 years old. The check shirt, baige trousers and kickers combo looks pants. I haven't worn stuff like that for years. I think it must be a TO from ATRA to teach squaddies to dress like that :lol: Can I please point out that I do not hate all officers. I am just airing the views of a lot of people who have been screwed by pants officers. There are some very good officers out there, I don't doubt that.
  8. LE Of course :D
  9. I think it is rather important that we, as officers, demonstrate just how effective a Sandhurst education is by wearing identical off-duty clobber. In fact our mess is actually in the process of ordering identical double cuff shirts- to be worn rolled up below the elbow, with chinos and deck shoes, of course.

    Don't fight it, surrender to it!
  10. Ah, the good old 'grocer's apostrophe', as used (incorrectly) by so many these days:


    and now, it seems, SNCO's....

    Is the correct use of punctuation no longer taught in our schools, or expected in the military?

  11. It depends as to how you are using SNCO.
    I believe in the context it was used it is correct as SNCOs.

    But then what do I know? I am as near as damn it a Northerner. :)
  12. Sheer brilliance!

    The article did crop up in numerous conversations, to this day!

    It's amazing how may gullible arses truely fell for (or should I say Trewly-Phelfrit) the Soldier Mag April Fool! Narf narf!

    T w a t s!
  13. Just so. My point was that the original SNCOs was correct.

    Many here fell for the Soldier article too. Soldier has produced some good April Fool spoofs in the last few years (the All Army stable belt, and embedded 'chips' were two); shame they seem so averse to mentioning ARRSE!
  14. I do apologise VB.

    Note to self: read the full thread before posting :lol:
  15. Not sure I fell for it (hence :lol: at it).

    But still no SNCOs (I thank you for those that said it was correctly) thread?? What about dressing in matching polo shirts/shiny, high collar fashion suits/clothes that are too young for them??