Soldier Magazine - December 2006

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by 252_me, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. I have just seen the front cover, a crating there methinks :wink:
  2. Thats nice........................................................................

    For those of us who havent yet seen it, would you care to elucidate.
  3. Do Tell! :D
  4. [​IMG]

    Definitely a crate for that one...
  5. Oh dear! A crate and a half that one
  6. Pics a bit small for me to make out.. anyone got a link to a bigger one?

    Either that or just PM me and tell me who it is! :D
  7. Don't have to PM you - just go to the Soldier Mag website and it'll tell you. Doh!!
  8. that's no good. the soldier website is shite.

    i just clicked on the link to Johnson Beharry VC and it took me to some crap about james blunt...

    so who is it then? public domain already...
  9. Yeah it tells you in side the cover! Just saw it.. nobody I know though.
  10. She is one of the darkside :omg: ...or at least was - now it's all one happy trade :D isn't it?
  11. I agree, the whole site is caught up in an inane propaganda loop.
  12. "Cover picture: WO2 Bridget Jukes (4th Armoured Brigade) carries out her role as duty watchkeeper during Exercise Prairie Eagle II" from here
  13. The link to the November issue? I agree, the SOldier Magazine website is caught up in a septic, whirlwind holocaust.
  14. Its dissapearing up its own arrse!
  15. Try going to the site and pressing Ctrl-F5.. It should refresh with the latest issue.