Soldier Magazine - April fools

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blobmeister, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else read the horse-shit article in this months edition (Apr 13)?

    Clearly a shite wind up of MPGS/Para baiting after the renowned article/letter regarding para pay, featuring characters of the names:

    Maj Stanley Longdon (AGC(MPGS))
    Paratrooper Norman Arnhem

    Basically, it stating a new 3 days course that MPGS can attend to make P Company obsolete.

    Paratrooper Arnhem states "I have been really surprised by how similar some elements of armed security and parachute training can actually be," the soldier admitted. "I am working in a team that's trying to ensure this new package proves just as tough - if not tougher - than P company and I honestly think it will."

    Wasted page of complete baiting poo!

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  2. It was about as funny as leukaemia on a children's ward.
  3. A bit like all Soldier mag articles then. Fucking dogshit publication.
  4. I actually rather like it.

    Would you prefer that page filled with another photo that looks like something out of an equality and diversity slideshow? Or another advert for kit?