Soldier Magazine - anyone got the current issue

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MilitaryWatches, May 30, 2005.

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  1. We are supposed to have an advert running in the 'Web section' of Soldier magazine starting this month (May). We went to buy a copy but can't get one anywhere near us and so far we have not received anything from Soldier magazine itself.

    If you have a copy could you please look in the web directory - usually a couple of pages full of banners and small ad's and see if our little banner is there - it should be a smallish one for

    If it is there, does it look OK and can you read it OK.

    We had to 'remind' them about the actual banner on the website which was a week late in going up, just wondered if they had remembered our ad in the magazine itself.

    Many thanks :D
  2. As an advertiser, they should send you a complimentary copy so you can see your ad. Give them a call, I'm sure they'll pop one in the post to you.

    They might even send two if you hint that you might be thinking of running a series of ads! :D
  3. I like the way you sneak in an Advert on here.
    Does this kind of advertising cost??
  4. Hi

    yep, we pay arrse to sponsor every month, but it was actually a genuine enquiry as we would like to know what was in Soldier magazine - if anything.

    If you see our status you will see we are a sponsor, just like NAAFI etc, so we are one of the companies paying for the upkeep of this forum :D
  5. I'm going to give them a ring in the morning and see if they will... cheers
  6. There is one lying in our Orderly Room. Seen it yesterday (Sunday).

    If the publishers don't send you one, let me know and I'll nick it and send it to you from there.

  7. Cheers, just need to know if our ad was in this months issue and if it is readable.
  8. Yep - its there. Page 59. Measures 60mm x 30mm and it is dead centre on the page approx 70mm from the bottom edge. The add states...


    G10 FROM £39.99
    inc DELIVERY

    I will scan it and email to your web site address tomorrow night.

  9. Cheers, that is much appreciated :)