Soldier magazine and its adverts - ppi mis-selling

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fh70, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. It is impossible not to notice that the majority of adverts in Soldier are from firms seeking to exploit serving Soldiers. such as the plethora of No Win, No Fee Solicitor adverts offering to represent Soldiers injured on duty. Of late a firm called Reclaims UK are jumping on the PPI mis-selling band wagon. They have taken out large adverts in Soldier cynically using their support for H4H and the RA Gold Cup at Sandown to imply that they are somehow pukka. In reality they are trying to lure Soldiers who have a PPI claim into using them. They give no indication in the advert of their charges or confirm that they fully comply with the Ministry Of Justice Claims Management Regulations. If they are the same as other PPI rip off merchants then they take a huge chunk of the money recovered and leave the claimant out of pocket.

    The Financial Ombudsman's Office has repeatedly and publicly warned those who are being targeted by firms, such as Reclaims UK , that they do not need their services and to steer clear of them. The form for claiming back miss – sold PPI can be downloaded from their website PPI Claim Link . The website has loads of other practical advice on PPI miss- selling. My advise is that if you must use a Solicitor then use your Family one, or one who is not going to rip you off. It is the same with the Solicitors touting for “injured on duty soldier clients”. They are crooks and will rip you off if you have a genuine claim. If you have a genuine claim then again use your Family Solicitor to represent you.

    If anyone from The Soldier Magazine reads this then I ask them to consider their moral responsibility for accepting adverts from those firms whose only aim is to part Tommy from his his hard earned cash. Most of our current Soldiers face enough risks on ops without having to cope with the circling sharks who use Soldier as a lure to rob them.
  2. Well meant advice no doubt but I do wonder just how many soldiers actually have a "Family Solicitor"

    Those who suddenly find they do actually have a claim/case against someone will probably take the first offer as they have zero experience and very likely no idea where to start.
  3. Surely that's the point of all advertising?
  4. Money Saving Expert have instructions for how to claim on their website. All you have to do is write a letter.

    Reclaim PPI for Free: £1,000s for mis-sold credit card and loan insurance...
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  5. I'm sure Roman soldiers were reading adverts from outfits trying to part them from their sistercies in Legionary magazine in the year dot.
  6. Got some money back from a bank for a PPI. the company is taking 25% excl VAT (total 30%). I filled out a form in minutes, I'm getting back some cash I wasn't expecting and didn't do sod all else for. Big deal.

    However, I have wrote to my own bank myself regaring the PPI oin my credit card, we'll see how that pans out
  7. But this company isn't TARGETTING people is it? All it is doing is advertising in a military magazine - if anyone wants to use their services (because they haven't got the time/knowhow/etc) its a free world.

    Using an example, does an advert for beer, wine or spirits target people? No - all it indicates that that option is available, albeit for a charge (no such thing as a free lunch, etc).

    If prospective customers want to know the charges surely they will find them out if they contact the advertising company (whatever the commodity advertised).
  8. Since the very sad demise of our SME Tropper, we've simply no way of confirming your assertion.
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  9. Just wait until Cash converters/Cash generators advertise shops will be bursting at the seams which stuff come the first Monday after millionaires weekend.
  10. Has anyone actually been successful in getting back any cash from a PPI claim? Most banks and card lenders have a downloadable PPI Claim Form (bog standard) that you can fill out and send in to them. I have done this to cut out these PPI Claims Companies, who can take up to 25 or more of any successful claim. I am just waiting for the next couple of months to see if I get anything back - anything helps to reduce Credit card balances.
  11. I just got £1,067 back from Carphone Warehouse for their little insurance racket they ran for years.
  12. Mate of mine got £8,000.
  13. I got 3 grand back. Took 4 weeks and the price of a second class stamp.

    I wouldnt bother using any companies, download the form from moneysavingexpert and away you go!
  14. And keep all the money!
  15. Yes, several. All successful, and all through getting off my arse and downloading the forms from the link provided earlier. All for the cost of a second-class stamp. (I'm a Yorkshireman).