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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by monkeyspanker, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. Best thing since unsliced bread

  2. Covers up the porn mags well

  3. Free copies are a complete waste of public money

  1. Can someone tell me who/what pays for all the copies of soldier mag that are passed free the units.

    Because I would like to thank them on a HUGE waste of public money.
  2. How is that a waste of money ?
    Such magazine's are part of the troop information program.
  3. soldier mag is one of many im afraid. Each core has one, I know of at least 2 in the navy, and 3 in the MoD, then there is the quad service ones etc.

    Its justified by claims that they improve comms between the c&c and the troops.

    I kind of like them for keeping up to date on the latest tech, but im not the typical jock so i do get where your coming from
  4. Information that like pravda?

    It is a pile of sh1t that has nothing in it (apart from the letters pages, which are always good for a laugh).
  5. Ummm...the advertising?

    I didn't have a coat, bye. :D
  6. Firstly it's 'Corps' not 'core'.

    Secondly each Regimental or Corps magazine is paid for by the regiment, corps or their assn., not the public.

    Lastly.... four services? Three tops, unless you are counting the RLC as being large enough to be their own service rather than a corps. You may be forgeting that the Royal Marines are a branch of the Royal Navy.
  7. I enjoy reading Soldier its not bad but I would never go down the high street and buy it!

    If it wasnt free would it be as popular?

    There is a lot of MOD published rubbish but Soldier is better than most.
  8. I'm sorry, but £2.50 a copy and all those trees wasted..............shirly a website could do the same job at less cost (hic)!

    And free up space for KIT Magazine!
  9. Oh, and on the subject of Corps magazines, if I don't see one more picture of a RSM handing over his/her pace stick to his/her/(it?) replacement, it will make me a very happy man.
  10. And you have the chance to sit in the driving seat of your panzer waiting for the rail flats and accesss the internet for a read of the latest are you?

    The mag's okay..... and well worth the money as long as it's free.
  11. It might be free to you, but it cost something to someone somewhere along the line.
  12. True but at least Soldier Mag benefits all soldiers!

    We all get a copy! ok maybe 2 or 3 each!!
  13. Squaddies are a minority in society. So why should we be worried when some money is spent on our minority as opposed to the "Hackney Jewish Lesbian Single Mothers Echo".

    At least we do a lot more for society and charity than they ever will.
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Soldier Mag is about as impartial as Am Phoblach. Its the party line from MoD who says everything is rosy in the Army! I've got copies from 1955 and its the same $hite different battle dress and webbing!
  15. And the last front cover hasn't changed since issue no 1!