Soldier Mag (Your views)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fallschirmjager, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Mostly MoD spin

  2. Well balanced read

  3. Total bollox

  1. Having read soldier mag for a number of years (when I'm sat in the med centre or dentist usually) I have come to the conclusion that soldier mag is mostly spin and doesn't really reflect the true and real army. In a way i'd say soldier mag would be compared to that forum on ArmyNet. I'd like to see a mag out along the lines of ARRSE. Basically a cross between Viz, Razzle and Defence Review.

    Anyway what are your views on this magazine and what sort of magazine would you like to see as a reflection on the real army out there?
  2. I voted "bollix".

    It's only worth reading for cratings. It's not like it tells us anything. The best bit is the Letters where I, generally, pish myself laughing at the replies.

    Mr Hard Done By: "I didn't get a medal in 1972 for blah de blah blah"

    Mr Important Person: "You should apply through JPAC, they are the font of all knowledge"*

    Mike G is a nice person though, he has obviously got someone writing his replies for him. In the real world, he'd tell them to suck it up, and get on with it. He wouldn't even bother calling them a Princess.

    Just my opinion like.

    Snailio-ho-ho x

    *My arrse
  3. I think "Spin" is the best way of describing it. There should be alot more room for troops to get lightly editted articles in there and the crying arrses should have another means of whining about JPA.
  4. Its a load of old wank that I suspect is edited by a desendent of Joseph Goebbles.

    Some highlights I remember of how infantry soldiers were happy that their regiments had been amalgamated.

    PAYD is great despite everyone from chefs to clerks saying otherwise.

    JPA was great and their were no problems at all when it came in.

    Any polititian and how great it is he's swanning around Afghanistan/Iraq talking to the riff-raff

    An "INFLATION BUSTING PAYRISE" article with the also inflation busting charges tucked away.

    I'd like to know where the money comes from that pays for all the copies that we get at the unit.
  5. Good suggestion, but I can't see it ever coming. Official publications always end up being like Soldier, i.e. bland and totally inoffensive.
  6. Yep letters section is the best part of the mag however, the patronising replies are laughable.
  7. There are only so many places they can complain, and let's face it, we couldn't give a flying fuck. Most clerks (sorry HR Combat Specs) are too busy trying to look after their own arrses without having to wipe someone elses.

    I'm going to hell for this aren't I?
  8. It probably has the same editorial staff from the days of they still have :D 'how good is your observation?
  9. Bless you.
  10. The barbers I go to must have a serving (or very keen) customer who brings in a lot of soldier mags. The gripe letters are the best, they allways seem to get shot down by some bigwig somewhere. Or laughing at peoples crap shaping styles of berets inside the back page.

    when I was serving I only usually read it when I was going for a dump. Its not that good for crating people either, sapper mag was much better. Got caught in there myself once, the shame of it.
  11. I won a book in a competition in it once!
  12. Sapper mag is always good for a crating.

    However, going back to the OP, don't even think of starting your own toilet paper unless I am in charge of speelung and granma.

    Nice idea, Falls, it won't happen though.

    Solja Mag won't give us the time of day, but if you know someone who knows someone who would let ARRSErs take it over for a month....... :evil:
  13. I love the bit on the back page where everyone, no matter where they are or what they're being asked about, loves whatever exercise/amalgamation/pay cut that's the topic of the month.

    Really needs fewer letters from bitter old cnuts whinging that they never got a medal for 20 years of whoring and drinking in Germany.
  14. I think so, been a while though.

    Good one on the letters HERE.

    Oh, in answer the original Q, bollox. As Sluggy says, good for cratings.