Soldier Mag & Ashstead NIMBYS

In case you ever thought Soldier Magazine was anything other than a piece of "Apparatus of the State". See here for their coverage of the recent Ashtead Nimby Hearing which, unlike any other article I have read, they manage to execute without mentioning ARRSE once.
DozyBint said:
That'll be another if I don't acknowledge your existence, you don't exist example from Soldier. :roll:
I exist then, I won a book in there once and I got named, therefore I am real!
Having been set the task of authoring a piece for Soldier, and then watching one of their staff writers, put their name to it, this is nothing new. Soldier Magazine used to be a pretty good read, and put together with a bit of honesty. Now, I find more honesty on ARRSE, and Soldier has just become yet another puff piece for the MOD PR machine.

I would write in and tell them, but there's about as much chance of that, as there is, of them quoting / acknowledging the pivotal part in which ARRSE played on the Ashtead campaign.

Freedom of the press, anyone?
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