Soldier killed best friend while cleaning rifle.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by vvaannmmaann, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. that's sad, hes got a hell of a number to live with
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  2. I will stick my head over.

    The only people I feel sorry for are the family and friends of Ranger Dalzell. He and the other blokes in his stick deserved better from Ranger Barry. There can never ever be any excuse for a live ND whilst cleaning a weapon, this is the bread and butter of the British Army NSP's are drummed into us all.

    Barry's only grace is he pleaded guilty at Courts Marshall. I wonder if the sentence of a years jail suspended for a year would have been harsher had not the father of Dalzell described the event as a tragic accident?
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  3. You beat me to it but the lad does have to live with it which I suspect will be a life sentence in itself.
  4. Seconded.
  5. I'll stick my neck out...

    I always thought that the function test was badly taught in basic. Most of the people in my flight had real problems with it. Far too complicated. I only passed WHT when an old ex Para (who left his false top set in the gusset of a stripper in Bicester) took me through it very, very slowly.

    The instructors turned the weapon into far too much of a "naming of parts" game and they were far too soft, imho, with recruits who forgot to check the safety.

    And the safety on an A2 is a bit of a bother, tbh, little plastic nipple that it is. It's hard to see from more than 10m whether it's on or not. At least on an AK you can see the safety from 60m away.
  6. I would hazard a guess that in this case that it wasn't the function test that was the problem, but the fact that the soldier in question used a bombed up magazine to work the oil into the magazine release catch system and then forget to remove it.
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  7. The function test has nothing to do with ensuring the weapon is clear prior to normal daily cleaning.

    And I fail to see the import of being able to see the state of the safety from 60m away when you're meant to be holding it conducting NSP.
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  8. I would hazard a guess that the problem was that a bullet came out the pointy end faster than the speed of sound.
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  9. Oh and no part of the function tests or cleaning mentions putting the magazine of live rounds on.
  10. Well obviously, but if he had either removed the magazine or used an empty one before starting the function test he wouldn't have been in a position to ND into his mates chest.
  11. Aye. But I do like to see safeties on when I'm around weapons. AKs are normally used by 'the other lot' and the fact you can see from 60m away that the drunken Serb on the 'check point' has got his safety on or off is a comfort, to me anyway.
  12. This story grips my shit now.

    How the fuck do you carry out a function test that starts with check safty, check change leaver to 'R' and still miss there's a fucking mag on!
  13. Why would he need a mag, full stop?
  14. In the article he said his