soldier jobs for grads

In need of a bit of advice please. Am 24 year old with good degree in business who recently failed aosb main board. For 6 months I have tried therefore to rule out the army, but still am drawn to the challenge. Therefore my question would be: are many guys in my position going for soldier jobs currently? And would this route be something I'd likely regret? I need a challenge and to be around switched on peers, raking the step is obviously massive so need to be as informed as poss. Cheers
Well fella, firstly have you actually looked into the army or are you just fishing for info.... If you think that you can walk in and say I have a degree they will be all over you like tramps on chips then think again. Look at what career path you want out of it.. Officer or Soldier is the first set of questions, what does your degree offer the army and how it may benefit any advancement. To be honest the army doesn't have much need for business degrees ( as you will see by the pathetic procurements programs out there. However being well educated could be a route in for Officer, but again you need to have a plan as to what cap badge you would want to follow. Before heading off down the careers office, familiarize yourself with what Arms and Services are out there and what you would like to do.

As for whether you would regret it, that is down to the individual, as it isn't everyones cup of tea.....
Don't generally get graduates in the Infantry, look at RLC, R Sigs, RE, Int Corps, AAC or anything requiring a modicum of intelligence.

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