Soldier jailed for manslaughter

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bootifull, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. 18 months with good behavior, seems very lean for killing someone.
  2. Ah, remember when this happend n we were told not to go to amesbury in uniform or drink there fr a while, not that anyone I know did.

    18 months isn't really that long.
  3. Where's the foamy gang? This is a soldier we're talking about here! **** the dead civvy, this man's career is ruined! It's an outrage.
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  4. So basically, some ******** of a lad who happens to be in the Army assaults another guy and the resultant injuries prove fatal.

    I don't care.
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  5. 18 months for killing a disabled man? Not long enough.
  6. He got 28 months, so he will do 14 months inside then 14 months out on licence
  7. The spaz ***** wanted equality. They've now got it.
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  8. I bet you're the hard man of your mobile bath unit!
  9. Correct. Does sir want soap with his faux outrage?
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  10. I would of thought he could have got it done quicker than that, even if he locked him in a room and starved him.
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  11. And rightfully so he should be locked up for killing someone let alone a disabled person. Makes you ponder on whether or not 18 months is truly a long enough sentence. I for one think he should have been given longer

    Soldier or not...nobody should be immune from the law ( I say this as a serving member of 4 LANCS)
  12. I'll bite your nose off.
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  13. Thought it would more likely be his cock, what with the height difference?
  14. No thanks,I've enough mental trauma.
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