Soldier is jailed over Pcs death

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Judge_John, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. Was the sentence sufficent or not?

    Link here
  2. Probably about right. Difficult though.
  3. Was it f*ck. He should have got more than 5 years. Chances are he'll be out before then. I hope that the Police Officers' family launch an appeal to have the sentence extended.

    Tragic loss of life and all caused by an utter c*nt.
  4. Had they handcuffed the chap, this tragic incident would have never taken place. I hope Northumbria Police & all other Forces take note.
  5. That's as maybe, but let's not forget that Northumbria lost a very good officer through the drunken stupidity of this clown. I'm sure that the Inspector lives the nightmare daily and would turn the clock back if he could.
  6. No, he acted like a muppet and should have been properly punished.

    However, when you put it in contect of what other sentences are handed out, then it could look a harsher sentence!
  7. Im pretty sure in the cold light of day the drunken clown now regrets his actions and probably will do so for the rest of life. My question is if he was to be detained overnight the arresting officers obviously believed he was capable of violence. Why wasn't a Lock up van called for whereby the only person he could have injured was himself and this situation would never have arisen.
  8. Had he not been drunk and a tw@t, he wouldn't have been arrested int he first place!!!

    Your comment is in the same vein at Bliars placing of the blame of mugging at the ahnds of the victims for carrying Ipods etc. What B0llox!!!
  9. Should have been given a suspended sentence......They should have hung the fcuker. A disgrace to his Cap Badge and the Army. Let him rot. And it goes without saying that he is discharged and loses his pension
  10. Nothing to say but CNUT!!!!!!!!!
    How did he last so long in the Army if that is the way he behaves?
  11. In Canada, if, for what ever reason, you are 'invited' for a ride in their shiney squad cars, you are handcuffed behind your back. This is their SOPs and works well.
  12. Yes, and your right, but my point was, this is going to turn into "its the copper's fault for not doing XYZ". My point is, if the w@nker didn't do the drink driving etc in the firstplace, or was a good boy when he got arrested, then hthe copper would be alive. He should have got a harsher sentence, you can't blame it on "the establishment". I hope the police force learn from it, but it wasn't their fault.
  13. A moment of madness that could have been prevented by the simple expedient of hand cuffs or American style bulkheads between the front and rear seats. Even a low one would prevent interference with gears or handbrakes.

    Yes, he was drunk and he had acted like a knobber but haven't many others here? Why he then decided to pull the handbrake I don't know.

    Harsh sentance? not really but then it is more or less in keeping with other deaths caused by actual drivers not the back seat passengers.

    Why were the rozzers doing 70mph though?
  14. Think you might be missing a more salient point.....Why were there no manned police stations with cells in the Hexam area
  15. This is something that's been on my mind for a while now. It's an offence in some countries if rear passengers don't have a seat belt on.

    What's the score if you are arrested handcuffed and placed in the rear of a police car? As you are innocent until proven guilty blah, blah, blah; there should be a duty of care to protect the suspect and the officer sat in front should an accident occure.

    any thoughts?