Soldier injured in training exercise


A soldier has been seriously injured during a training exercise in Co Cork.

The 28-year-old officer was acting as a supervisor in a night firing exercise using short-range anti-tank rockets when he received blast injuries.

Army paramedics were on the scene at Kilworth Camp near Fermoy and moved him to hospital within minutes of the accident.

He was taken to Cork University Hospital where he underwent surgery for injuries to his face, chest and right arm.

The lieutenant has served in Chad and Liberia.

The use of anti-tank weapons like those involved last night has been halted by the army until a military investigation is concluded.

Defence Forces spokesman Commandant Gavin Young said a similar accident happened last October, although the injuries sustained were not as serious.

A Defence Forces statement read: 'The scene of the accident has been preserved and a Military Police investigation is getting under way today.'
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
nasty can't see anyway of getting minor injury's with an anti tank rocket :(

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