Soldier in Winter Olympics Biathlon team

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Bravo_Bravo, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. Just heard on the radio that Cpl Emma Fowler will be representing the UK in the Biathlon event.

    First - congratulations - good on ya!

    Second - if this is the woman I THINK it is, she is utterly stunning and without doubt will be very VERY visible regardless of her performance. If I'm right, she took some recruits for PT early one morning in Pirbright. Rocked up in a PTI skirt with....

    I'd best stop there.
  2. May i 2nd that congratulatory remark!

    Well done. do your country and the services proud!

  3. I think its another ( or the photos are doing no justice ) - odd to see two top level biathletes serving as fullscrews...

    The one etched into my memory was a Geordie lass, ISTR.

    Best of luck, anyway.
  4. Not really. A couple of years back, there were only a couple of non-Forces members of the GB Biathlon team. Without serious funding, it would be difficult to find the cash to allow the full-time training you need to compete at that level. You certainly aren't going to work a full time 9-5 job and manage it.

    Anyway, another link that should work for the duration of February:
  5. jackie davies from the womens 2 man bobsleigh is R Signals
  6. The general manager of the Canadian Bob-sleigh team is Gomer Lloyd ex QDG;In the ´70s QDG supplied the entire team which left me with 3 tanks to look after.

    They had to find their own sponsorship and lived on compo in St.Moritz and the other resorts,had absolutely no chance against the other `Professional`teams like the DDR,but never gave up.

    They competed in ´72 ´76 ´80 and ´84,then the RAF took on the strain.QDG also had a few Bi-athletes in the olympics.

    Maybe Britain to have any real chance at winning,should have special units like the Germans and Italians?

    It would be great to see team GB win a couple of medals,whether Booties or Crabs!
  7. Well, the US Army has a marksmanship unit; it's how their Olympic team gets Govt funding, these buggers do nothing except shoot. And I mean, nothing else.

    A lot of the winners at this military competition are Olympic medallists...