Soldier in airport bomb hoax??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Apr 2, 2005.

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  1. A case of being over-zealous or soldier is need of slap?! Not much to go on really - two sides to every story and all that. From what I've read of it, whether it was ment as a joke or not stating that you have a bomb in your luggage at check-in is not the wisest move going... With the amount of reports of the odd foolish flyer doing the same, you would think people would realise that airports and airlines do not see any funny side of it at all.

    This is London Page
  2. One word springs to mind...... TOSSER

  3. Serves him right. Unit will not be pleased!!!
  4. Whilst the bloke is undoubtably a tosser for not realising what was likely to happen, the airlines do get very **** about this sort of thing. Firstly they know full well that real bombers generally don't declare bombs at check-in, it kinda ruins the big plan. Secondly why do they take bomb jokes as gospel, but ignore the panic stricken retractions 30 seconds later?

    Blokes a fool and deserves a b0llocking, but it makes the airlines look like arrses when they piously overreact just because they can.

    In my opinion. 8)
  5. Especially when you can bring solid metal "Pineapple grenade" shaped and authentically sized cigarette lighters back in your hold luggage without being detected as did one of my blokes recently following a jolly to Germany.

    Airport security is dead simple. If you don't want to get caught, cunningly disguise your bomb as a bomb and put it in your main luggage.

    If you want to get caught, declare that you actually have a bomb during check in.

    All terrorists, please remember to admit your plot prior to boarding.
  6. msr

    msr LE


    Making jokes about bombs is no laughing matter in this day and age - enough people have been pilloried in the news for doing this, so no sympathy I'm afraid.

  7. We were away on work recently in the US. Now being on a work trip and the spams biggest allies you think they'd treat us well. Not so. We got up to security and one of the guys had his bag locked. Instead of simply asking him to unlock it they went into full anti terror alert mode, pulled him to one side, questioned him and searched his suitcase at the side in full view of everyone. OK so all bags are suposed to be unlocked but my mate forgot. This of course means anyone can open your case after it's gone through security and help themselves to its contents, or even worse of course, put something INTO the case.
    What made matters worse was we spotted a piece of baggage that had been left unattended near the security post for over 20 minutes. We pointed it out to the security people (knowing all about the threat of IEDs) and they did nothing. One day a bag will go BANG! Also the 'safe' scanners erased all the pictures from my digital camera and fcuked my mobile phone, the posters just said remove unexposed film! They probably used one of those hand help wands for an extra scan of the luggage and screwed my stuff up!
  8. UK airport security is a joke. Ask MDN about the last trip to Holland.

    UK side, waived through on arrival, minimal checks on departure, could have taken out or bought in several goodies, both illegal or lethal and they wouldn't have had a clue. Standard metal detector check but pathetic search (just the sides and inside legs, no check on the back) where they then wrote off the detection of metal as "belt buckle". This was John Lennon Airport by the way (MDN violated me by making me go to Liverpool to catch the plane).

    Surprisingly, the cloggies at Schipol were pretty switched on though, thorough search, careful checking of Pasports, physical as well as electronic check of hand luggage, even stopping MDN at "goods in" and "goods out" due to the fact that he was 7 stone heavier and therefore looked fcuk all like his passport photo :D
  9. If you also recall my passport was in two pieces and the other half wasn't mine due to it going throught the washing machine.....

    I could have been Prince Timmy Taleban of Tommislavagrad smuggling Tommy gunns and Tiger tanks and the dopey tw@ts wouldn't have noticed
  10. I knew one CCF cadet who managed to find an unexpended blank round in his kit after flying out to Germany. Stanstead airport if memory serves.
  11. Shot gun shells in Barbour jacket pocket always a funny one! Especially when you're trying to dump them in a bin the other side of the scanner.....
  12. This sort of thing has been on the news a number of times, everyone knows bombers arn't going to declare they have bombs, but everyone also knows what happens if you claim to have one. This T*at wants his ARRSE kicked, if not for being a T*at, he should get it for providing the press with yet a nother negative forces story.
  13. Dumb Funucker
  14. This chap may well be a tit but unfortunately the people who took him seriously look tit-shaped too; security must make sense if it's going to be effective, and this sort of reaction, as someone above said, if not tempered by an assessment of the likely situation, is an **** reflex. There's the phrase for the day.....

    I do a lot of flying, mostly on Middle and Far Eastern airlines (stuff BA) on which meals in Business class (cough) are invariably served with steel cutlery. Bring your sharpener on board; nobody'll notice.
  15. Yep: Cathay use real steel cutlery & real glass glasses! As for being able to buy razors in duty free... :roll: