Soldier in Afghanistan paid £2.45 an hour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Scouting for Boys, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Libby Purves article in The Times,,6-2353083,00.html

    "Our soldiers abroad pay tax — unlike US servicemen, and unlike those Revenue-dodging offshore businessmen so dear to party fundraisers. A newly qualified squaddie facing suicide bombers, snipers and rockets round the clock earns two thirds of a British policeman’s wage; in a combat zone the 16-hour watches give an hourly rate of £2.45 and in Helmand, getting off duty after 16 hours is often a pipe dream anyway — fighting goes on for days. After Reid gaily said that they could leave “without a shot fired”, and beetled off to insult the Home Office, they are fighting a confused war in the hardest conditions possible. On peanuts. Even the separation allowance of £6 a day only kicks in after 12 months. Oh, and they pay council tax on their barracks rooms back in Britain."....

    ".....soldiers are different. Service people place themselves under obedience; they agree to be a tool of the State, not to ask questions or flounce off on a whim. Soldiers have to go to war even when they think it’s a nonsense; they are bound by loyalty to their fellows, Queen and country. Politicians are given the awesome responsibility of deploying this human loyalty, and they therefore have a massive duty of care towards the military, who are at their mercy. It is far greater than any imaginary duty to nag the rest of us about our weight, tell us how to think about Islam or pay us compensation for tripping over paving stones."
  2. £2.45, I thought the minimum wage applied to everyone!
  3. Labour did promise to apply it to everyone, but 'General' Dode Robinson decided that it should not apply to the Forcces. And then he fecked off to NATO for a cushy job.

    Thanks you ugly prick :evil:
  4. I think somewhere in the dim and distant past, the army was opted out of the minimum wage legislation by some penny pinching chancelor! besides they couldn't give us extra cash or Tony B-liar couldn't afford to give free housing, food, benefits etc to the all and sundry who arrive in the country hanging to the underside of artics! or indeed spend £750 a day hiring a f**king great motor boat to swan arround on, on holiday whilst our friends and colleagues are gettin it from all sides in Iraq and Afgan!! Rant over! 'nuff said!
  5. She mentions elsewhere that the Army isn't covered by minimum wage legislation.

    Well done to all who put up with this for the rest of us.
  6. Libby Purves has again written an article about the forces that is well thought out and presented.

    If any of you haven't read the article you should read it from the link above.

    I nominate Libby Purves for the inaugral Arrrse Journalist-who-should-not-be-put-up-against-the-wall-come-the-revolution get out of jail free card.

  7. Seconded :D
  8. Lets see if Minty McGinty can get back into pole position (Hmmmm, interesting image,,,,) with a rip-snorting article on what damn fine under-appreciated folk we are.
  9. There's more than a little nod and a wink towards the mythical 8 hour day which we apparently work all the time when not on operations. :?

    This means that the quoted figure works out at £4.90 and therefore slightly above minimum wage. :x
  10. Some win, some lose.
  11. Thirded
  12. I always thought that we were exempt the minimum wage because we were salaried? (even more so nnow that JPA pays us an annual salary divided by 12 rather than a daily rate?)
  13. Minimum wage is 5.05 an hour going up to 5.30 soon, so the lads are on less than mimimum wage for an 8 hour day. Also does this mean if your not on ops that you can clock off after 8 hours?

    Someone beat me to it, knew it was over a fiver an hour.
  14. Libby has earned her "Get out of the designated re-education facility" free card. If only more jouro's had her morals (And talent)
  15. Make sure you post your comments on the times website.