Soldier, Husband, Daughter, Dad

Did anyone see this programme last night on bbc1?

It was al about two troops out in the sandbox. Quite interesting, showed how boring life could be, intersperesed with moments of tension and danger (not to mention gunfire!)

Sergeant and Gunner

An intimate and personal portrait of life in Iraq with the soldiers of the 1st Regiment of the Royal Horse Artillery and their families back home. Sergeant George and Gunner Deakin head off to the scene of three massive bomb explosions in Basra, knowing that they could be a target for snipers and grenades. Back home, Sergeant George's wife and daughter learn how to cope
without him.
(from tuesdays episode!)

My one question is: does anyone on here know the blonde girl? She was quite fit (blonde and 21!:twisted: ) and was dating a 31yr old sgt in the same battalion
come_to_arrest_the_zulus said:
quite fit????

she was an absolute munter!!!
Your right zulu, she was a plane ride away from being ugly. Seems like quite a good laugh tho, anyone know her?

you guys are just too picky! or maybe you prefer yours from here

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I thought she had a horsey type appeal to her (not that i shag horses!) Just like the sort of upper class toff who owns 3 or 4 horses cos daddy is minted! You know the type! :D

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